Fool Me Once, Shame on You…Fool Me Twice, Not Again!Last night around 7:03PM, officers from District C-11 (Dorchester) arrested suspects, Stevenson DeLucien, 20, Louidson Mondesir, 19 and Larry Ferdinand, 24, all of Dorchester and charged them with Armed Assault with Intent to Rob, Conspiracy to Commit a Crime, and Trespassing. Suspect Louidson was additionally charged with Carrying a long Knife in Public. Officers were alerted around 7:03PM by Operations when a delivery driver received an order for 17 Argyle St., the location where a delivery driver had been robbed a few days earlier. Officers met with the delivery driver who told officers that he had received an order for 43 Edwin St. that was changed to 17 Argyle Street. Officers devised a plan to have a plain-clothes detective accompany the driver to the delivery site while other officers formed a perimeter in the vicinity of the delivery. The driver accompanied by the plain-clothes detective arrived at the scene of the delivery where the driver encountered suspect Mondesir on the porch. The driver asked the suspect if he had placed an order to which he responded he had. The suspect when asked if he had the money for the order stated yes, reached in his pocket but did not produce any money. While speaking to the suspect Mondesir, the driver noticed two males hiding in the bushes located on the side of the house. The driver at this point pointed out the two other suspects in the bushes to suspect Mondesir who then started walking towards the driver. The detective from the car at this time observed a bulge in suspect Mondesir coat pocket resembling a possible gun quickly exited the car. The suspect at this time turned from the victim and started walking away down the street. The suspect attempted to run when the detective got out of the car but the detective pursued the suspect. The suspect was pursued and apprehended by nearby officers along with the other two suspects who attempted to flee also upon realizing that the victim was accompanied by officers. All suspects were placed under arrest after brief foot pursuits due to the number of officers in the vicinity that had been strategically placed after the call was received. This incident remains under investigation and the suspects in this incident have not yet been connected to any past incidents at the above location. No Entry, No Exit! B&E Suspects Arrested Walking Out Last night around 11:51PM, officers from District B-3 (Mattapan) responded to 25 Calder St. for a breaking and entering in progress with the caller reporting that it sounded like someone was trying to break into one of the back apartments. On arrival, officers secured both access ways to the building in order to prevent possible suspects from escaping. Officers, while securing the rear entrance observed two individuals walking down the rear stairwell from a third floor porch area. Officers detained these two individuals pending further investigation of the incident. During further investigation, officers discovered that the back door was partially kicked in with the apartment door forced open. Based on the call and the evidence, officers arrested suspects, Michael A. Miranda, 20, and Jonathan P. Santos, 21, both of Dorchester and charged them with Breaking and Entering, and Malicious Destruction of Property. Armed Robbery Suspect Flees but Doesn’t Get Far This morning around 3:02AM, officers from District B-2 (Roxbury) arrested suspect, Dennis Franklin, 19, of Dorchester and charged him with Armed Robbery. Officers initially responded to the intersection of Dudley St. and Columbia Rd. to a call for an armed robbery. En route, officers were informed that the suspect the suspect had fled in a car with a given registration number heading towards Magnolia Street. Officers responded to the scene, and while there learned that other officers responding to the scene had observed the suspect motor vehicle being operated at the intersection of Dudley St. and Blue Hill Avenue. Officers followed the car until it stopped and the suspect was placed under arrest. Officers spoke to the victim and she told officers that she was walking on Ramsey St. when the suspect asked her for a cigarette. The victim stated that she started looking through her bag for the cigarette when the suspect demanded her purse and grabbed it. After the suspect took the victim’s bag, he saw a crumpled twenty dollar ($20) bill in her hand and exclaimed to her, “Give me the money too before I pop you!” The victim reported that she asked the suspect to leave her bag and just take the money when the suspect reached into his sweatshirt and gestured as if he was about to produce a gun. The victim then told officers that she became frightened that she was about to be shot so she released her bag. The victim was brought to the location of the suspect where she positively identified the suspect. The suspect was placed under arrest, and the crumpled $20 bill was found on his person. The victim’s bag was not recovered nor was a gun found on the suspect.