Armed Robbery Suspects Caught This morning around 12:32AM, officers from District B-2 (Roxbury) were responding to an alarm on Tremont St. when they when they heard a broadcast of an armed robbery with one of the suspects armed with a gun at the intersection of Huntington Ave. and Tremont Street. Officers quickly responded to the area and there observed a group in front of 1619 Tremont St. looking at two males across the street matching the description of the two suspects from the armed robbery. Officers approached the two males across the street and there noticed that one specifically matched the exact description broadcast of one of the suspects. That suspect was wearing a Yankee’s baseball cap and spoke with a foreign accent. Both individuals were detained pending further investigation after a pat-frisk revealed no gun. Officers then returned to the location of the incident and spoke to the victim and witnesses. Officers learned that the two suspects had arrived at Flann O’Brien’s Pub in a cab and before they could go in the door got into a fight with someone outside. The victim then attempted to break up the fight between the suspects and a third party when the suspects assaulted him by punching about the face and chest and then grabbing a gold chain that the victim around his neck and ripping it off. During the assault and robbery, patrons and employees of the pub tried to intercede to stop the assault when the suspects gestured toward their pocket and waistband and stated that they were armed with a gun. The victim and witnesses were taken to the suspects and positively identified suspects, Fuad A. Ali, 18, of Roxbury and Temesgen H. Kebedom, 22, of Boston who were arrested and charged with Unarmed Robbery and Assault and Battery. Being Drunk and Doing Stupid Things= Arrest Around 2:42AM today, officers from District D-4 (South End) responded to the corner of Mass. Ave. and Marlborough St. for a report of a robbery in progress. On scene, officers poke to the victim, a cab driver. The victim reported to officers that he was stopped at the light at Mass. Ave. and Commonwealth Ave. when two suspects, opened the door to his cab and tried to get in the front set of his cab. The victim told the suspects to get out when they took his bag containing his personal papers from the front seat and punched him in the face causing him to bleed from the nose. The victim then directed officers to a pizza shop at 49 Mass. Ave. where the suspects were found. Inside the pizza shop, officers found the suspects, one of whom was drunk and belligerent. Next to the suspects on the floor was the victim’s bag. The suspects denied knowing anything about the victim’s bag and refused to answer officers’ questions. The victim positively identified the suspects, and his bag that was on the floor next to the suspects. Suspects, Ryan L. Walter, 23, of Somerville, and Timothy J. Butler, 24, of Concord were arrested and charged with Unarmed Robbery and Assault and Battery.