CAR THIEF ARRESTED IN MATTAPAN At about 6:18pm, on Sunday, December 28, 2008, officers from Area B-3 (Mattapan) assigned to the Codman Square Safe Street Team were on patrol in the area of Millet Street and Talbot Ave when officers observed a black motor vehicle traveling along Talbot Ave without its headlights on. As a result, officers activated their emergency equipment (lights & sirens) and stopped the motor vehicle. As officers were approaching the car, the operator exited the car and yelled, “It’s stolen.” Officers arrested Pedro Marzan, 18, of Boston and charged him with Receiving a Stolen Motor Vehicle. A check of the suspect’s driving status through the Registry of Motor Vehicles showed that the suspect did not possess a license to operate a motor vehicle. As a result, the suspect was also charged with Operating Without a License. ONE MAN’S BAD TIMING IS ANOTHER MAN’S GOOD TIMING At about 12:23am, on Monday, December 29, 2008, officers from Area A-1 (Downtown) responded to a radio call for a person caught breaking into a car at the intersection of Beach & Knapp Streets. On arrival, officers spoke to the victim who stated that he was returning to his car when he heard his car alarm go off. Victim further says as he approached his car, he observed a black male breaking into it. The victim says he and his two friends then grabbed the suspect and detained him until police arrived. When officers arrived, officers arrested Albert Boynton, 41, of Boston and charged him with Breaking and Entering a Motor Vehicle. A search of the suspect enabled officers to locate and take possession of a screwdriver and a black folding knife. Suspect was subsequently charged with Possession of Burglarious Tools and the Unlawful Carrying of a Dangerous Weapon. DETAIL OFFICER ARRESTS ONE FOR FIGHTING At about 1:10am, on Sunday, December 28, 2008, an officer performing a paid detail in the area of 148 State Street observed two individuals engaged in a verbal altercation. As the officer was approaching the individuals, the officer observed one of the individuals punch the other in the face. Seeing this, the officer immediately instructed the aggressor to stand down. However, instead of stopping, the suspect continued punching the victim. At this point, the officer issued a short blast of his department issued OC spray in the direction of the suspect. With the suspect under control, officers arrested Albi Mezini, 23, of Millis and charged him with Assault & Battery.