District Changes

BOSTON POLICE INCREASE EFFICIENCY AND QUALITY OF SERVICE WITH DISTRICT BOUNDRY CHANGESToday the Boston Police Department announces plans to institute district boundary changes that will affect five of the city’s eleven police districts. Throughout the planning process, officers met with local residents and crime watch groups in affected areas to work collaboratively on the final plan. The new plan is intended to increase efficiency and quality of service. The changes will take effect on January 1, 2009. Any police district that receives an increase in their geographical patrol area will receive additional officers to supplement the ones currently assigned to those districts. This will be done through internal transfers and utilizing new police recruits who have recently graduated from the Academy. District changes include: • Forrest Hills MBTA station which currently resides on District E-18 will now fall on District E-13. District E-18 had assigned a patrol officer as a walking beat in the area of Forrest Hills. After discussions with area community groups, the department seeks to continue the relationship that the officer has with the local residents and merchants. The officer, currently assigned to E-18 will be transferred to E-13 and will continue to serve the Forrest Hills neighborhood as its walking beat officer. • The area around Morton St & Harvard St. which is currently being developed into multiple condominiums known as Olmsted Green, will no longer fall on District E-18, but rather District B-3. Until now, that land had been undeveloped and as such required few calls for police service. With the recent growth of multiple residential units located in close proximity to the District B-3 police station, the department and community members agreed that the emerging community would benefit most by changing districts. • Lastly, there will be a change between Districts C-6 and C-11. Currently the peninsula that holds UMASS Boston, the JFK Library and the Harbor Point Housing community resides on District C-11. Geographically, this area is closer to the C-6 police station and South Boston in general. Therefore, it is considered more efficient to change the district assignment from District C-11 to District C-6.