GRAND OPENING OF THE FRANKLIN FIELD TEEN CENTER WHO: Mayor Thomas M. Menino, Police Commissioner Edward Davis, Area B-3 Captain James Claiborne, Sandra Henriquez: Director of the Boston Housing Authority and other valued members of the community. WHAT: For the last eight years, the Franklin Field community has been without a teen center designed to offer young people a place to go and partake and participate in positive activities. However, thanks to a collaborative effort, including partners from both the public and private sectors, Mayor Menino and others will announce the grand re-opening of the Franklin Field Teen Center. During the course of the project, officers from Area B-3 volunteered time and energies to help the project along. Once opened, the services provided by the center, including the center’s computer lab, will be available to young people throughout Dorchester. WHERE: 70 Ames Street, Dorchester WHEN: Friday, January 30, 2009 @ 11:00am