One Less Gun on the Streets!Last night, officers from District B-3 (Mattapan) arrested suspect, Donte Henley, 18, of South Boston and charged him with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition, Possession of a High Capacity Feeding Device, Carrying a Loaded Firearm, Receiving Stolen Goods and Resisting Arrest. Around 6:57PM last night, February 4, 2009, officers were on patrol in the area of Blue Hill and Talbot Avenues when they observed two known individuals walking in the area. As officers neared the two individuals they observed them come almost to a complete stop and direct their attention to the unmarked police cruiser. As officers continued their approach of the two, officers noticed that one of the two speed up his pace and motion for the other individual he was walking with to leave the area. Officers decided to perform threshold inquiries of the two as they did so, one of the two suspects took off running at a full sprint. Officers followed the suspect both on foot and by car and at one point observed the suspect reach into his jacket and begin to take out what appeared to be the butt end of a firearm. Officers, at this point, fearing that the suspect may be taking the gun to use it against them ordered the suspect to drop the gun. The suspect at that time tossed the gun and continued to run. The suspect was apprehended shortly thereafter by assisting officers who struggled to place him in handcuffs despite numerous orders to place his hands behind him and stop resisting. Officers then recovered the semi-automatic firearm, which the suspect had thrown in his attempt to elude capture. During subsequent investigation, officers learned that the gun that the suspect had been reported, and that it had a high capacity magazine containing 18 rounds. Leave Justice to the Police and Courts This morning around 12:25AM, officers from District C-11 (Dorchester) responded to 12 Bailey St. in Dorchester for fight. On arrival, officers entered the building and heard what sounded like fighting coming from an apartment. Officers responded to the apartment with the noise and saw indications of some disturbance by virtue of broken glass on the floor and liquid spilled on the floor. Officers located two individuals in the apartment and spoke to both. After speaking to both individuals, officers determined that the male in the apartment had assaulted the female after she brought some friends over that the male did not want there. According to the victim, the male suspect started yelling at her and then punched her several times in the face. Officers observed blood coming from the victim lips and consequently arrested suspect, Anthony Smith, 50, of Dorchester charging him Assault and Battery (209A). The victim was transported to the hospital with for treatment of her injuries. Later this morning, officers from District C-11 again responded to the same address for a breaking and entering in progress. On arrival, officers responded to the same apartment that they had responded to earlier and observed that the door had been forcibly opened. Officers then noted that the doorjamb was destroyed and that the interior of the apartment was in total disarray. Officers then spoke to witnesses who reported seeing four people who had been in the apartment earlier return in a cab. Per witnesses, the four individuals were seen entering the building, and shortly thereafter loud banging was heard in the hallway consistent with a door being kicked in and smashing sounds inside the apartment. Officers discovered a smashed TV in the driveway of the apartment in addition to the apartment being in total disarray. Officers then further interviewed witnesses who provided officers with a description of the suspects and the cab they had gotten into when they left the apartment. Officers then called the cab company and learned the name of the person who had called and the location they had been driven to by the driver. Officers then responded to the Carney Hospital where the suspects had been dropped off, and where the victim from the earlier incident had been transported by EMS. At the hospital, officers located four individuals matching the suspect description given by witnesses. All four individuals were returned to the 12 Bailey St. where witnesses positively identified them. Suspects, Natasha A. Charlton, 18, of Dorchester, Kelli L. Johnson, 19, of Quincy, Michael A. Goncalves, 17, of Randolph, and Brett G. Callahan, 18, of Dorchester were all arrested and charged with Breaking and Entering in the Nighttime, and Malicious Destruction of Property. I Said “Stop” On Thursday, February 5, 2009, at approximately 01:15am, an Officer, assigned out of A-1 (Downtown), was traveling on the one-way section of Washington Street when he observed a vehicle traveling towards him. The officer activated his lights and siren, reversed his direction, and attempted to stop the suspect. The suspect traveled on several streets, including another one-way, the wrong way, before parking in front of one of the local establishments. The officer asked the suspect if he was aware that he was attempting to stop his vehicle, to which he replied, “yes”. Officers arrested Christopher Cullinan, 33, of Cohasset on the charges of Failure to Stop for a Police Officer and several motor vehicle violations.