Police Apprehend One After Victim is StabbedOn Tuesday, February 10, 2009, at approximately 9:52pm, officers assigned out of Area C-11 (Dorchester), responded to the area of 3 Melville Ave for a report of a man with a gun. Officers arrived in the area and observed a male running in the middle of the street, waving his arms in the air, attempting to get their attention. He then stated, “I was just jumped…and one of them cut me”. The victim then showed officers his bleeding left hand. Officers then received and broadcast a description of the suspects and their direction of flight (Melville Ave towards Washington Street). Officers set up a perimeter of the general area and located a suspect fitting the description on Melville Avenue. The victim was then transported to this area and was able to positively identify the suspect as the person who stabbed him. The victim informed officers that he was at house party earlier in the evening when he saw the suspect and another individual. He stated they made eye contact but didn’t speak. He went on to state, that he has had a previous problem with them regarding a female. He then attempted to leave and the two suspects confronted him. The second unidentified suspect showed a firearm, which caused the victim to run from the property. The suspects chased the victim to the area of Melville Avenue. The suspects caught the victim and they began to fight. During the altercation, the victim sustained a stabbed wound to the left hand. The victim was able to break free and hide behind a house while awaiting the arrival of the BPD. Officers arrested Kenyattat Mccall, 28, of Boston on the charges of Assault by Means of a Dangerous Weapon (knife). Internet Agreement Leads Suspect to Jail Around 5:50PM yesterday evening, an officers walking in the area of Charles St. near Boylston St. observed two individuals engaged in a physical struggle and yelling. The officer quickly approached the two men and separated them to investigate the cause of the fight. Officers them spoke to both individuals and found out that the two had met based on an Internet posting on Craig’s List to sell a phone. Both parties reported to officers that they had agreed on a price and determined that they should meet in front of the Lowe’s Theater on Tremont Street. In front of the movie theater, the male that had posted the phone for sale took out the phone and showed it to the individual who wanted to buy the phone. The suspect then grabbed the phone and attempted to take off with it without paying for it. The victim then pursued the suspect, catching him at the intersection of Charles and Boylston Streets where he struggled with the suspect to get back his phone. The officer then appeared at this point and separated the two. The suspect, when asked for his side of the story, agreed that he and the victim had decided to meet in front of the theater in order for him to buy the victim’s phone. The suspect did admit to officers that he grabbed the phone and attempted to flee when the victim produced the phone. The suspect, Steven Mejia, 19, of Dorchester was arrested and charged with Unarmed Robbery. Suspect Arrested after Lying about Cause of Accident This morning around 1:17AM, officers from District A-7 (East Boston) responded to the intersection of Condor and Glendon Streets in East Boston for a carjacking. On arrival, officers observed a car in the intersection with serious front-end damage and male later determined to be the caller/victim on the phone at that location. Officers directed the victim to get into the cruiser in order to look for the suspects. Officers asked the victim what happened and the suspect reported that two men in ski masks carjacked, smashed his car a short distance away and then fled the scene on foot. Officers, while the victim was being driven around looking for the suspect, observed that the suspect had slurred speech and an odor of alcohol on his breath. As officers drove around, they then asked the victim further details of the incident. The victim when telling officers the details of the incident provided many conflicting stories regarding the how the suspects approached the car, where the incident occurred and how the vehicle was smashed. After driving around for some time, officers returned to the scene and there let the victim out of the cruiser. As the victim exited the cruiser, officers noted that he was unsteady on his feet in addition to smelling of alcohol, and having slurred speech. Back at the scene of the accident, a female, later identified as the owner of the car, approached the officers and victim. The female then told officers that the “victim” had called her a few minutes earlier and told her that he was in an accident, and told her to come out before the police come. The female then told officers that the “victim” never told her anything about a carjacking at all. Officers then asked the suspect where he had been coming from before the incident, and he told officers that he had been at Hooters in Saugus earlier in the night and later went to a bar in Day Square where he had some more drinks. Based on the facts and circumstances, the “victim’s” conflicting stories, the female owner’s statements about the “victim’s” call to her, and his slurred speech, and other indications of intoxication, officers placed the victim turned suspect, Sophear Phath, 22, of East Boston under arrest and charged him with Operating under the Influence of Alcohol. .