Caught! Check in Pocket!Yesterday morning around 12:18AM, officers from District C-11 (Dorchester) responded to 11 Elton St. for a robbery in progress. En route, officers were updated that there were three black males robbing an Asian male and the suspects were all wearing black hooded sweatshirts with one having a sweatshirt with white writing on it. Officers were further advised that the suspects had fled the scene of the crime and were heading towards Auckland and Williams Streets. While responding to the scene of the incident, officers observed three males dressed consistently with the suspects’ descriptions. Officers approached the three and attempted to conduct a threshold inquiry when one of the three males fled on foot towards some back yards on Victoria Street. The two other suspects were detained pending the investigation into the robbery. Officers at the scene of the robbery spoke to the victim who reported that he was walking from his house when two black males wearing dark colored clothing approached him. The victim further reported that one of the suspects was holding a stick while the other had a very large knife. The victim then stated that when he encountered the two suspects, a third black male approached him from behind, stuck something in his back and exclaimed, “I have a gun!” The victim then reported to officers that the suspects went through his pockets and took $20.00 and his uncashed payroll check. The two suspects were frisked for weapons and officers found knife approximately 12” long in one of their pockets along with the uncashed payroll check with the victim’s name on it. During a search incident to arrest, officers also located a crumpled $20.00 from one of the suspect’s pocket. Officers arrested a 15-year-old suspect from Dorchester and charged him with Armed Robbery and Carrying a Dangerous Weapon and suspect, Ailton M. Rodriguez, 23, of Dorchester was charged Armed Robbery. ATF Training Results in One Less Firearm on the Streets Last night at approximately 9:25PM, officers from the Youth Violence Strike Force (Gang Unit) arrested suspect, Dennis Franklin, 19, of Dorchester and charged him with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, and Unlawful Possession of Ammunition. Shortly before the arrest, officers were on patrol in the area of Normandy and Brunswick Streets when they observed the suspect walking with his right hand held tightly against his midsection, a characteristic of someone attempting to secure an upholstered firearm. Officers continued their observation of the suspect and as they passed him he quickly lifted his head with a wide eyed look and stopped walking. The suspect then started walking again up Brunswick Street all the while looking over his shoulder at officers and continuing to grasp his side Based on their observations, officers decided to conduct a threshold inquiry of the suspect who had continued walking up the street. Officers approached the suspect and as they did so, the suspect walked towards the cruiser with his hands held up in the air and exclaimed to officers, “Yo! All I have is a bag of weed.” The suspect at this time appeared to be very nervous, had a wide-eyed look and was breathing very heavy. Officers then performed a pat frisk of the suspect, which yielded no weapons, but a quick search of the immediate area that the suspect had just walked revealed a loaded firearm sitting on top of fresh snow. The firearm was found about 10-15 feet from where the suspect first approached the officers’ cruiser. Further investigation with a thermal imager determined that the gun was still emanating heat, leading officers to believe that the suspect had just discarded the gun where officers found it. OUI Suspect Arrested after Leaving the Scene of an Accident This morning around 2:01AM, officers from District C-6 (South Boston) responded to the intersection of 4th and P Street for a motor vehicle accident in which the operator was trying to flee the scene. On scene, officers spoke to spoke to a witness, and another male who they determined was the suspect’s father. The suspect’s father told officers that he had sent his son, who had been driving his truck, home. Officers then spoke to the witness who told officers that he was driving behind the suspect when he observed the suspect sideswipe a parked car, and try to drive away. The witness reported that he blocked the suspect’s route of escape at which point the suspect then attempted to back up and hit another parked car. Officers then responded to the suspect’s home where he was located and positively identified by the witness. The suspect appeared to be confused, acting oddly and gave incoherent answers to officers’ questions. The suspect admitted to officers that he had consumed some alcohol had strong odor of alcohol about him, had glassy eyes and was unsteady on his feet. The suspect, Michael E. Reddish, 21, of South Boston was arrested and charged with Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol, and Leaving the Scene of an Accident Resulting in Property Damage.