Good Samaritan Aids Police in Arresting Pick PocketAround 12:45PM yesterday, officers from District D-4 (South End) responded to 755 Boylston St. for a larceny in progress at Starbuck’s. While en route, officers were updated with a description of the suspect and told that a witness was following the suspect. As officers made their way to the call, officers were flagged down in the area of 115 Newbury St. and directed to an individual who matched the suspect description. The suspect was stopped and detained pending the investigation. The witness who had directed officers to the suspect stated that he had followed the suspect from the Starbucks after the victim stood up and exclaimed that the suspect had just stolen her wallet and the suspect ran out of the store. The witness reported to officers that he followed the suspect and observed him go in an alley, take something out of the wallet and discard it. The witness reported that he picked up the wallet and continued following the suspect until he flagged down them down and directed them to the suspect. Officers then returned to the store where they spoke to the victim and her friend who observed the suspect take the victim’s wallet. The suspect, Benjamin L. Josey, 50, of Boston was arrested and charged with Larceny from a Person. After being arrested, officers discovered that the suspect had an outstanding warrant for Larceny Over $250.00, and Possession of Class B for crack cocaine found on the suspect. Safe Street Team…Right Time, Right Place! Last night around 9:13PM, the Safe Street Team assigned to Uphams’ Corner from District B-2 (Roxbury) were on patrol in the area on Eastman St. when they heard a broadcast over the police radio for a breaking and entering at 16 Eastman Street. Officers, being around the corner from the address of the incident, immediately responded to investigate the incident. At the scene, officers secured the premise by having officers secure the back door and the front door. The officers that entered the front door then reported that they had observed a group inside the first floor of the house. Officers then notified the landlord who told them that the first floor apartment had been vacant since early February and that no one should be there. Officers then requested additional units and set up a perimeter around the house. Officers then knocked on the apartment and announced their office. After knocking on the door and getting no response, officers heard what sounded like people running to the doors of the apartment to exit. Three of the suspects were caught and placed under arrest as they attempted to exit the apartment. After placing the three suspects under arrest, a fourth suspect jumped out of a side window, jumped over a fence and attempted to escape by running down the street. Officers pursued the suspect and caught him after a brief foot chase. Four suspects, Amilton F. Dossantos, 19, Mario Amado, 20, Isiah Baptista, 19, and Emmanuel Fontes, 22, all of Dorchester were arrested and charged with Breaking and Entering in the Nighttime. Additionally, suspect Dossantos was charged with Resisting Arrest for resisting officers’ efforts to place him under arrest after jumping out of the apartment window. Suspect Baptista was also charged with Possession of Class D with Intent to Distribute for marijuana found on his person whish appeared to be packaged for distribution. B&E Suspects Caught Trying to Break into Liquor Store At approximately 11:12PM last night, officers from District C-11 (Dorchester) responded to a breaking and entering in progress at 195 Adams Street/Lynn’s Liquor Store. Officers were further advised while en route that the caller could hear what sounded like a saw being used on the door. On arrival, officers observed the front door of the store to be secured and went around the back door. While making their way to the back door, officers heard what sounded like an electric saw cutting metal. Officers made their way to the rear of the store and there observed two suspect using an electric saw tool on the door causing sparks to fly from the metal door. The two suspects observed the officers at this time and took off running down the alley. The suspects were pursued and after a lengthy foot chase were caught and placed under arrest but not before a violent struggle. After the suspects were placed under arrest, officers returned to the rear of the liquor store and recovered an electric extension cord running from an electric box on the rear of the building, down the alley where it was attached to an electric cutting wheel, a pry bar and a bag with various tools on the ground. Officers then spoke with the caller/witness who reported to officers that around 11:00PM he heard what sounded like an electric saw. The caller reported that at first he thought nothing of it but when it continued he looked outside his window and observed sparks flying from an electric tool despite not being able to see the suspects he called 911. The suspects, Loc Tran, 31 and Vu Q. Nguyen, 32 both of Dorchester were arrested and charged with Breaking and Entering in the Nighttime with Intent to Commit a Felony, Malicious Destruction of Property, Trespassing, Possession of Burglarious Tools, and Resisting Arrest.