From Attempted Larceny to Receiving Stolen PropertyYesterday around 1:11PM, officers from District C-11 (Dorchester) responded to 1440 Dorchester Ave./Bank of America for a larceny in progress. En route, officers were informed that the caller was reporting that a 19-year-old, light skinned female wearing a gray jacket and blue jeans had stolen a customer’s purse and fled on Adams St. toward Ronan Park. Officers responded to the area where the suspect fled and shortly thereafter spotted an individual matching the suspect description. Officers attempted to stop the person matching the suspect description but when they approached she ran. The suspect was however stopped and detained pending the outcome of the investigation. Officers then returned to the bank and spoke to witnesses who recounted seeing the stopped suspect go in the manager’s office and start to look through the manger’s handbag. One witness reported when he yelled at the suspect, she quickly dropped the bag and walked out of the bank. The witnesses were returned to the scene and positively identified the suspect as the individual who had been looking through the victim’s handbag. The suspect was placed under arrest and transported to the district station for booking. At the booking desk, officers found the suspect in possession of four cell phones, two of which were determined to have been stolen. The owner of the phones was successfully located by officers and his stolen phones returned to him. The suspect, Janay N. Barrows, 21, of Dorchester was arrested and charged with Receiving Stolen Property over $250.00 and Attempted Larceny. Stolen Car Thieves Arrested This morning around 2:32AM, officers from District E-18 (Hyde Park) arrested a 16-year-old suspect from Hyde Park and suspect, Angel Quilan, 17, of Mattapan and charged them with Receiving Stolen Property. Officers were on patrol in the area of Blake and Mariposa Streets when they observed a motor vehicle drive by with its headlights off. A check of the car’s registration revealed that the car was stolen. As officers negotiated a turn to effect a traffic stop, the suspect motor vehicle disappeared from sight. Officers proceeded to Cummins Hwy. and there observed the stolen car proceeding from Richmere Rd. to Cummins Hwy. in the direction of Mattapan Square. Officers proceeded toward the car and attempted to conduct a traffic stop when the motor vehicle failed to stop, pulled onto a side street and the operator fled the car. Numerous units converged on the scene and the suspect operator was ultimately caught and apprehended after he was found hiding under a porch. The suspect operator was placed under arrest and charged with Receiving a Stolen Motor Vehicle. While officers were pursuing the fleeing suspect operator, another officer responded to the car and there found a passenger seated in the passenger seat with the seat reclined al the way back. The passenger was also placed under arrest and charged with Receiving Stolen Motor Vehicle.