Suspect Arrested For Intimidating A Witness Within The CourtroomOn Tuesday, March 10, 2009, Several BPD officers, attending various court cases at Boston Municipal Court, were made aware of an individual intimidating a witness in a case he was being charged with. Officers learned that this suspect, later identified as: Daniel Vellucci, was in one of the BMC courtrooms waiting for the case against him to be heard. While waiting, the suspect continued to stare at one of the witnesses in his case and relocated his seat, so he was directly in front of the witness. The suspect then gestured with his hand in a threatening manner, eluding it was a firearm and stated, “Mark my words”. The suspect was also observed following the witness around the courthouse. Officers arrested Daniel Vellucci, 38 of Boston on the charges of Intimidation Of a Witness. Auto Service Center Cited for Issuing Inspection Stickers At Inflated Prices Within recent time, BPD officers assigned to Area B-2 (Roxbury), received information that Anthony’s Auto Repair, 120 Blue Hill Avenue, was issuing Massachusetts Inspection Stickers at inflated prices to vehicles that would not normally pass the typical inspection process. Based on this information, The BPD, in conjunction with the Registry of Motor Vehicles, launched an investigation targeting Anthony’s Auto Repair Service. On Tuesday, March 10, 2009, an undercover BPD officer went into Anthony’s Auto Repair Service posing as a customer in need of an inspection sticker for her Dodge Caravan. Prior to entering the target location, the vehicle was inspected and it was determined that it did not qualify for a valid Massachusetts inspection sticker due to the dark tint of its windows. The owner of Anthony’s Auto Service, Rafael Encarnacion, inspected the undercover officer’s vehicle and informed her that it would not pass because of the dark window tint and a faulty horn. The undercover informed Mr.Encarnacion that she really needed the car to pass the inspection. Mr. Encarnacion then informed the undercover that he would give the vehicle a sticker if she agreed to pay Eighty-Dollars ($80). The state fee for a Massachusetts inspection sticker is Twenty-Nine-Dollars ($29). The undercover agreed to pay the $80 and was given an inspection sticker in return without any work being done on the horn or the window tint being removed. Rafael Encarnacion, 25 of Boston was informed by officers that he was going to be summonsed into Roxbury District Court on the charge of Larceny under $250. The Registry of Motor Vehicles also suspended Mr. Encarnacion’s permit to issue Massachusetts inspection stickers.