IF YOU’RE GONNA THROW A HUGE HOUSE PARTY … YOU SHOULD PROBABLY RENT A HALLSIX ARRESTED FOR BEING DISORDERLY At about 1:15am, on Saturday, April 4, 2009, officers from Area D-14 (Brighton) responded to a radio call for a large, loud party in the area of 56 Ridgemont Street. On arrival, officers observed a large crowd of people inside and outside the above-mentioned address. Moreover, upon exiting their cruiser, officers could hear loud music coming from the location. As officers approached the location, officers observed several beer bottles get thrown from the 2nd floor porch into the front of the address. Upon entering the location, officers observed approximately ten people standing on the front porch. When asked if anyone lived at the location, all ten stated that they did not. When instructed to leave, however, eight complied, but two did not. The two who chose not to leave were later arrested. Officers arrested Richard Navin, 23, of Boston and Patrick O’Meara, 33, of Boston and charged both with Being Disorderly. As officers attempted to enter the 2nd floor apartment, an individual, later identified as Jason Tucker, locked the door and refused to allow the officers to enter the apartment. When officers instructed the individual to open the door, the suspect laughed, turned his back on the officers and proceeded to go up stairs. At this point, officers yelled up to the 2nd floor and, again, asked to speak to the owner of the apartment. When the owner or owners refused, officers went around to the back of the home and were able to gain entry to the 2nd floor apartment. Once inside the apartment, officers observed approximately one hundred people inside the location. At this point, officers informed those in attendance that, due to noise complaints, the party was over and the apartment needed to be vacated. When one partygoer asked, “Why?” Officers explained that not everybody, in particular surrounding neighbors, was enjoying the party. Officers further explained when community members call 9-1-1 to complain about noise, officers are dispatched and obligated to investigate. Despite the explanation, several partygoers still refused to leave. As a result, officers arrested Jason Tucker, 20, of Boston and Mike Arthur, 20, of Boston and charged both with Disturbing the Peace and Being Keepers of a Disorderly House. Officers also arrested Mike McDonald, 19, of New York and Kyle Morin, 23, of Boston and charged both with Being Disorderly. All six suspects were transported to Area D-14 (Brighton) for booking.