IF YOU CAN’T BEHAVE ... YOU CAN’T STAYRED SOX FAN ARRESTED FOR OPEN AND GROSS LEWDNESS At about 9:15pm, on Wednesday, April 9, 2009, officers performing a paid detail at the Red Sox game were alerted by Red Sox security of an unruly fan. When officers observed the fan, the fan was violently struggling and flailing his arms. Officers observed the suspect almost strike several female fans. When officers informed the suspect that he needed to leave the park, the suspect swung his elbow and struck one of the officers. As officers were attempting to escort the fan from the park, the fan broke free and began yelling, “I’m not leaving!!! I’m not leaving!!!” In short time, officers were able to re-apprehend the suspect. The suspect was then handcuffed and escorted from the park. According to Red Sox security officials and witnesses, the suspect was seen urinating from the upper deck onto the street below. When security officials approached, the suspect took off into the crowd. Officers arrested Jared Giarrusso, 23, of New Hampshire and charged him with Being Disorderly, Assault & Battery on a Police Officer and Open and Gross Lewdness.