Stealing a Bicycle is No Laughing MatterAround 7:06PM yesterday, officers from District C-11 (Dorchester) responded to 47 Sydney St. in Dorchester for a breaking and entering in progress. On arrival, officers were met by the caller/witness who reported to officers that he observed two suspects enter onto the victim’s property, go in a garage, steal a bicycle out of the garage and start to walk away with the bicycle. The witness and another neighbor followed the suspects, apprehended them and brought them back to the scene. Both witnesses reported to officers that the two juvenile suspects told them that it was nothing and that “the police won’t do nothing but take our names and let us go.” Officers spoke to the two suspects at the scene, and both were laughing and made light of the incident. Officers spoke to the victim who was totally unaware of the incident. A 13 and a 14 year old male juvenile, both from Dorchester were arrested and charged with Breaking and Entering and Larceny. Pizza! Pizza! Lands Suspect in Jail Last night around 11:25Pm, officer performing a detail at the Boston Garden (Celtics game) arrested suspect, Erik P. Henrikson, 24, of Brockton and charged him with Disturbing the Peace and Trespassing. Officers were directed to this suspect while across the street by an employee of Halftime Pizza. Officers walked over to Halftime Pizza and there learned from the employee that they had two customers who were refusing to leave the restaurant. Officers learned from employees that the two customers had become belligerent and refused to leave after they were told that they were no more slices and the restaurant was closing. The two suspects after being told that they were no more slices became abusive toward the restaurant staff and demanded that more slices be made especially for them. Officers approached the suspect and immediately noted that they were both intoxicated. Officers again asked the two suspects to leave the restaurant at the request of the staff and the arrested suspect became defiant and stated to officers, “No, I didn’t do anything, why?” and defiantly started drinking from a cup of beer he had in his hands completely ignoring officers’ orders. After numerous orders to the suspect to leave the restaurant, he was escorted from the restaurant. While the suspect was being escorted from the restaurant, he was extremely belligerent, loud and continued to yell expletives while leaving the restaurant drawing a crowd. The suspect after being escorted outside refused to leave the area and continued to be unruly by shouting and waving causing a crowd to gather. After repeated and numerous orders for the suspect to disperse and a crowd continuing to gather, officers arrested the suspect and charged him with the above offenses. The suspect’s companion heeded officers orders and left the area after being escorted outside and as such avoided arrest.