Traffic Stop Leads to Arrest of Three for TraffickingLast night around 9:48PM, officers assigned to District E-13, Jamaica Plain, responded to the area of 8 Haverford St. in Jamaica Plain for a fight. While on scene in the area of the call, officers observed a motor vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed fail to stop for a stop sign. Officers, having observed the violations noted above and feeling that the car may have been involved in the fight, conducted a traffic stop at the intersection of Germania and Brookside Avenues. During the traffic stop, officers approached the operator of the car and requested of him his license and registration. While talking to the operator, officers detected a strong odor of alcohol coming from the car, and observed a bottle of beer at the foot of one of the passengers. In addition, officers also noticed that neither of the two passengers of the car was wearing seatbelts. The driver, despite having been asked for a driver’s license, handed officers a Massachusetts liquor identification card and stated to officers that he was not licensed to drive. While speaking to the operator, officers noticed that the passengers along with the driver were extremely nervous. The operator was removed from the car to be placed under arrest for Operating without Being Licensed and the passengers asked for identification to be issued Seatbelt Violation citations. Both passengers denied having any identification, and thus were asked to get out of the car. One passenger, when asked to get out of the car, made a sudden move to his waist area. Officers now fearing that this passenger may be armed removed him from the car, and performed a cursory check of the car. Officers recovered from within the car a paper towel which had three bags, two containing crack cocaine and another powdered containing cocaine. All three suspects, Christopher Walker, 42, of Roxbury, Jody L. McCarthy, 39, of Roxbury and Rasheed Marsman, 35, of Dorchester were arrested and charged with Trafficking Class B, Possession with intent to Distribute Class B, Possession with intent to Distribute Class in a School Zone, Possession of Class B, and Conspiracy to Violate Drug Laws. In addition suspect Marsman was charged with Operating a Motor Vehicle with a Suspended License while the other two passengers were charged with Seatbelt and Open Container Violations.