Suspect Bites Officer After Conducting Drug DealOn Tuesday, June 9, 2009, at approximately 11:29am, an officer assigned to Area A-7 (East Boston), was in the area of Border Street when he observed a white male making numerous pay-phone calls from the Mobil Gas Station. The white male suspect was acting in a suspicious manner by continuously looking around, in what appeared to be, in anticipation to someone’s arrival. This immediate area is considered a high crime area in regards to the recent sale / purchase of illegal narcotics. Through the officers training and experience, he believed there was a strong likelihood that the suspect was engaging in such behavior. The officer placed himself in a discrete location and monitored the suspects’ activities. Approximately five-minutes later, a white Dodge Ram (operated by a Hispanic Male), arrived in the area and blew his horn in order to gain the attention of the waiting white male suspect. The white male suspect then ran to the parked vehicle and got into the passenger’s seat. The two were then observed to engage in a hand-to-hand exchange of unknown items. The white male suspect then exited the vehicle, placed an item in his pants pocket and ran to his parked vehicle and proceeded out of the area. The officer called for back-up units to assist in stopping both parties for it was believed they had just engaged in an illegal drug transaction. Officers conducted a motor vehicle stop of the white male suspect. Officers approached the suspect’s vehicle and observed him place an item into his mouth and attempt to swallow it. This is a common trend for narcotic users / sellers to dispose of any illegal substance prior to law enforcement detection. A struggle then ensued between officers and the suspect. During the altercation, one of the officers was bitten on the hand. Once in custody, the suspect informed officers that he had swallowed Forty-dollar bag of cocaine. Officers stopped the operator of the white Dodge Ram and he was asked how he knows the white male suspect. The Hispanic male operator stated, “I don’t know that guy, he wasn’t in my truck”. A subsequent computer search of the suspect showed his license status had been suspended. He was then placed into custody. Officers arrested Todd Mason, 25, of Malden on the charges of Resisting Arrest, Assault & Battery on a Police Officer (injuries) and Operating a Motor Vehicle after License Suspension. Also arrested, Michael Nevarez, 29, of Chelsea on the charges of Operating after License Suspension. The injured officer was transported to Massachusetts General Hospital for treatment and released.