POLICE ARREST THREE FOR LOUD HOUSE PARTY IN BRIGHTONAt about 2:15am, on Monday, July 7, 2009, officers from Area D-14 (Brighton) were dispatched to 16 South Street for a report of a loud party. On arrival (the first time), officers spoke to the occupants of the home who informed them that the party was over, the music would be turned down and all party-goers would be asked to leave. Upon receiving these assurances, the officers departed the location. However, before departing, officers spoke to the lease holders and warned them that arrests would follow if officers were called back to the location. Approximately two hours later, officers responded to a 2nd radio call for a loud party at the above-mentioned address. On arrival, officers observed a large number of people standing in the front yard of the premise. Officers instructed all standing in front of the location to vacate the premise. While standing outside the location, officers again were able to hear loud music. Upon entering the location, officers arrested the lease holders. Officers arrested Marie Hannaffy, 21, of Boston, Nicola Hargen, 22, of Boston and Laura Walsh, 21, of Boston and charged all three with Being Keepers of the Disorderly House. POLICE ARREST THREE FOR BREAKING INTO CARS IN BRIGHTON At about 12:43am, on Tuesday, July 7, 2009, officers from Area D-14 (Brighton) were on patrol in the area of Matchett Street when an individual flagged them down. Upon speaking to the individual, officers learned that three Hispanic males were looking into cars with a flash light. In short time, officers located three males who matched the provided description. Officers noted that one of the males was carrying a flashlight while the other was in possession of a backpack. Officers further noted that the suspects were walking away from a car which had its interior dome light on. When officers got closer, the light went off signaling that the door had been recently opened. Upon closer inspection, officers observed that the glove compartment was open and various items were strewn about the car. The suspect in possession of the backpack gave officers permission to look through his bag. Upon looking through the bag, officers located a GPS device. When asked if the GPS device belonged to him, the suspect stated, “I don’t know how that got into my bag.” Officers arrested two 16 year-old males and one 15 year-old male and charged all three with Breaking & Entering a Motor Vehicle (Night time) and Receiving Stolen Property.