Leaky Ceiling Leads to Officers, Fire Fighters & EMT’s being assaulted by man with hypodermic needle.On Tuesday, July 14, 2009, at approximately 11:35pm, a resident of 132 Myrtle Street, Boston discovered water leaking into her apartment from the ceiling. The resident proceeded upstairs to find out where the water was coming from. She went to the apartment directly above hers and noticed the door to be wide open. She yelled into the apartment several times without getting a response. She then entered the apartment, calling out the occupants’ name. She then heard water running from bathroom and proceeded in that direction. She then observed the male occupant of the apartment lying on the floor with the tub overflowing. She also noticed several uncapped hypodermic needles strewn about. She immediately called 911 for assistance. Officers assigned to Area A-1 (Downtown) arrived at 132 Myrtle Street at approximately 11:45pm. Boston Fire & Boston EMS was already on-scene and was calling out for officers to assist them on the fifth floor. Officers learned that while they were attempting to render care to the unconscious male he awoke and took hold of an uncapped hypodermic needle and held them at bay. Officers quickly responded to the fifth floor apartment and placed themselves between the needle wielding man and the first responders. Officers ordered the subject to drop the needle several times but he continued to refuse. The male subject held the hypodermic needle in a threatening manner while taking an aggressive stance. The officers ultimately charged towards the suspect and wrestled him to the ground in order to place him into custody. Officers arrested Ivan Melnychenko, 31, of Boston on the charges of Assault by Means of a Dangerous Weapon (hypodermic needle).