Good Patrol Leads to Recovery of a FirearmEarly this morning around 12:04AM, officers from District B-3 (Mattapan) were on patrol when they observed four cars in the parking lot of Walgreen’s located at 825 Morton Street. Officers, knowing that the store was closed and that there are no trespassing signs posted, decided to further investigate. While approaching the cars, officers observed a male walking away from one of the cars putting his hands into his waist area. Officers approached one of the cars and questioned the driver as to his purpose in the parking lot. The driver indicated to officers that he and the other cars were meeting there to go out. When officers asked the driver for identification, he stated that he did not have any identification on him and told officers that he thought that he had a suspended license. The driver provided officers a name and date of birth that showed no matching record with the Registry of Motor Vehicle. Again, when officers asked the suspect about his identity he insisted on the same name that he had previously given to officers. The driver continued to be evasive with officers as to his identity and purpose in the parking and after a while was asked to step out of the car. Once out of the car, the operator was observed to have a wallet on his person despite his having told officers that he had no identification on his person. When asked about the wallet, the operator continued to be evasive and insisted that the wallet was another person’s who had no pockets. Based on the totality of the circumstances, officers asked the passenger to exit the vehicle to conduct a further investigation. Once the passengers were taken out of the car, officers conducted a cursory search of the car and discovered a firearm in the couch behind the driver’s seat. None of the occupants possessed a license to carry and all told varying stories as to where they were in the car. Subsequently, officers arrested all three occupants. The driver who was later properly as identified as Frederick Knox, 21, of Roxbury was charged with Operating a Motor Vehicle with a Suspended License, Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition, Failure to Submit to a Police Officer, and Trespassing. The other passengers, Chazreyl Francis, 20 and Edward Molyneaux, 20 both of Dorchester were also arrested and charged with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition and Trespassing. After the operator, Frederick Knox was arrested he told officers he lied about his identity because he thought he had a warrant and that he lied because he really wanted to go to a party. Call for Shots Fired Results in Recovery of Firearm At approximately 1:12AM today, officers from District B-3 (Mattapan) responded to 71 Esmond St. in Mattapan for shots fired. En route, officers were informed that three shots had been detected by Shotspotter, and that callers had described the suspect as a black male in his mid twenties with medium build wearing a white t-shirt with red designs on it. On arrival, officers a large crowd gathered around the house located at 71 Esmond St. filtering in and out of the first floor of the house. Officers started canvassing the area and went to the rear of the house where the suspect ran. While looking in the back yard, officers observed a male matching the suspect description standing on the third floor deck. Officers went to the third floor deck and spoke to the male up there. The male when questioned about what he was doing there told officer that he had been working the back door and ran to the third floor deck when the shots were fired. While conducting a threshold inquiry of this male, officers attempted to find the owner of the apartment to issue a civil citation for Keeper of a Disorderly. At this same time, officers found several shell casings and one live round in the alley next to the house. Based on everything that had preceded the officers’ arrival, and what they had discovered, they decided to do a cursory of the apartment to ensure that no one was hurt. Inside the apartment, officers found several individuals and detained them pending further investigation, included amongst those individuals was the male who matched the suspect description. While officers were detaining this group, officers observed the same male matching the suspect description to be extremely nervous and sweating while seated on a bed waiting while officers checked his name. While watching the male suspect seated on the bed, officers noted that the mattress had a lump underneath. Based on the officers’ observations and the male’s nervous behavior, officers looked under the mattress and found a sawed rifle underneath the bed. The suspect, Bell Kemp, 28, of Mattapan was arrested and charged with several outstanding warrants, and Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, and Unlawful Possession of Ammunition.