Home Owner Chases Down and Captures Suspect Found in his HomeOn Tuesday, July 22, 2009, at approximately 1:52am, officers assigned to Area C-11 (Dorchester), responded to the area of Sudan Street for a report of a man being held on the ground. Officers arrived on-scene and located two men standing over a male on the sidewalk. The two standing males informed officers that they just chased down the male on the ground after he broke into their house. Officers learned that the homeowner was sleeping when he was awakened to a loud noise. The homeowner initially thought his vehicle was being broken into and got out of bed to go downstairs. While descending the staircase he observed an unknown male standing in his house. The homeowner yelled to the suspect and asked what he was doing. The suspect then attempted to flee the house but had difficulty opening the locked front door. He then smashed out the glass portion of the door and fled. The homeowner called to his son and they both gave chase and caught up to the suspect in the area of Sudan Street. Officers arrested Kevin Murphy, 27 of Boston on the charges of Breaking & Entering (nite) and Willful & Malicious Destruction of property.