RETURNING TO THE SCENE OF THE CRIME PROVES TO BE JUST THE KEY IN THE CAPTURE OF PURSE SNATCHING CRIMINAL At about 6:15pm, on Friday, July 24, 2009, officers from Area B-2 (Roxbury) responded to a radio call for a larceny in progress at 1626 Tremont Street, the Fridays Restaurant. On arrival, officers learned that a family from Mexico (in town with a child being treated at the Children’s Hospital) was having dinner in the restaurant when a purse was stolen from a person at their table. According to a witness, she observed an individual walk by the family’s table, reach into a woman’s hand bag (which was draped over her chair) and pull out a black purse. The witness further stated that she observed suspect leave his keys on a table before exiting the restaurant. While officers were speaking to the witness, the suspect apparently re-entered the restaurant an in effort to retrieve his keys. When the suspect re-appeared, the witness stated, “That’s him.” Officers approached the suspect and began questioning him. While questioning the suspect, officers observed and took note of a purse-shaped object protruding from the suspect’s waist area. A frisk of the suspect enabled officers to take possession of the victim’s purse. Specifically, while officers were in the process of frisking the suspect, the victim’s purse fell down the suspect’s right pant leg. Officers arrested Thomas Stevenson, 51, of Boston and charged him with Larceny from the Person (Over $ 250.00). The purse, complete with the victim’s money, credit cards and personal id’s, was returned to the family.