Scooter Robbery Suspects Don’t Get too FarAround 2:47PM yesterday, an officer performing a detail near the intersection of Dudley and Magnolia Streets was approached by the victim of a robbery who told the officer that he was just assaulted and his scooter taken from him by three males. The officer immediately broadcast the information given to him along with the descriptions of the suspects to Operations and other assisting units. Officers were able to gather from the victim that he was riding his scooter on Dudley St. when he was stopped by three black males two of who are known to him. The victim told officers that one of the suspects approached him from behind and punched him in the head then the two others joined in the assault and punched all over. The victim then provided officers with names and descriptions for the two suspects known to him and a description for the third suspect. Officers searched the area for the suspects and while doing so came upon and individual matching one of the suspects riding the described stolen scooter. Officers topped the suspect, Tyson Jenkins, 20, of Dorchester and arrested him charging him Unarmed Robbery, and Assault and Battery after he was positively identified by the victim. The second suspect, a 16-year-old male juvenile from Dorchester was subsequently located and arrested and charged with Unarmed Robbery, and Assault and Battery. Officers were unable to locate the third suspect but were able to get identification on him and as such will seek a warrant for his arrest. Attempted Bank Robbery Suspect Arrested Yesterday afternoon around 5:00PM, officers from District A-1 (Downtown Boston) arrested suspect, Joseph Campbell, 45, of Boston and charged with Attempted Bank Robbery. The incident started around 3:59PM when officers responded to the Sovereign Bank at 125 Causeway St. for a report of a silent bank alarm. On arrival officers learned that the suspect had walked in the bank and approached a teller and demanded money by exclaiming, “This is a robbery, g give me $2,000.00 in large bills, no alarm and no police!” The teller reported to officers that she pushed the panic alarm and told the suspect that she did not have that large of an amount of money in her drawer. According to the victim, the suspect then fled the bank on Canal St. in the direction of Haymarket Square. On arrival, officers received a description of the suspect from the victim teller and from a customer who witnessed the suspect leaving the bank. A description of the suspect was broadcast along with his clothing and direction of flight. Based on further information officers were able to develop evidence leading them to believe that the suspect lived in the area. Around 4:30PM, officers were able to get video surveillance from the bank and determined from speaking with nearby security officers that the suspect may live at 25 Staniford Street. Officers and detectives then went to 25 Staniford St. to further investigate found the suspect who told officers that he was sorry for scaring the teller and that he would have given back the money if the teller had given it to him. While still there, officers recovered both the hat and shirt that the suspect had worn during the attempted robbery. Bad Behavior Lands Two in Jail for Lewd and Lascivious Conduct This morning around 1:20AM, officers from District B-2 (Roxbury) responded to 1127 Harrison Ave. for an alarm call. On arrival, offices observed an individual from the side door area of the building. This individual was stopped and questioned as to what he was doing there. The man informed officers that while walking by the building he had observed a man and woman by the side by the side and ramp door. Officers then went and investigated the man’s story and there observed an unclothed woman engaged in sexual activity with a man on the ground. The two parties, Delma Walters, 47, of Dorchester and Willie Mack, 53, of Boston were arrested and charged with Lewd and Lascivious Behavior.