Detail and Off-Duty Officers Assist in Arrest of Armed SuspectYesterday afternoon around 3:40PM, officers from District C- Dorchester) were on patrol in the area of Bellevue and Quincy Streets when they observed a car traveling at a high rate 11 (of speed. Officers activated their lights and sirens in an attempt to stop the car but it continued to accelerate and failed to stop for officers. Officers broadcast the above information to other units in the area and continued to monitor the speeding car from a distance while giving its direction of travel. Officers followed the car to Juliette St. and there found the car abandoned with the engine running. Witnesses on scene directed officers between two houses and told officers that the suspects had fled between those houses. Officers immediately ran between those two houses and there observed two individuals running through the backyards of those houses. The officers were unable to catch those two suspects but did broadcast a description of the two suspects and their direction of flight. A nearby detail officer overheard the broadcast and informed other officers via the radio that he had observed an individual matching the one of suspects’ description walking toward the intersection of East St. and Dorchester Avenue. An off-duty officer who was in the area and monitoring his radio observed the male matching the suspect description observed the suspect in the area of Hancock St. and Dorchester Ave. and stopped the suspect. The off-duty officer assisted by the detail officer conducted a pat-frisk of the suspect and felt a hard object in the suspect’s waistband. Based on experience and training, officers believed this item to be a firearm and further investigation confirmed their belief that the suspect was indeed carrying a loaded firearm. The officer who had observed the suspects in the backyards of Juliette St. responded to the location of the suspect and confirmed that he was indeed the same person he had pursued in that backyard. The suspect, Jose Castillo, 27, of Dorchester was arrested and charged with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Carrying a Loaded Firearm, and Unlawful Possession of Ammunition. After the suspect was arrested and the firearm recovered, officers discovered that the firearm had been reported stolen and consequently the suspect was additionally charged with Receiving Stolen Property. Suspect Discards Firearm out of Window but is Arrested Nevertheless Last night around 10:18PM, officers from the Youth Violence Strike Force (Gang Unit) arrested suspect, Antwaun A. McCollum, 18, of Roxbury and charged him with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition, Carrying a Loaded Firearm, and Resisting Arrest. The arrest was initiated when Gang Unit officers were on patrol in the area of Ruthven and Harold Streets and observed a large group in front of 224 Harold Street. As officers neared the group, two members of the group immediately broke away from the group and ran into 224 Harold Street through the first two doors of the apartment. Officers, based on training and experience, know that armed individuals and/or those with warrants or other illegal substances break away from groups and flee when approached by officers followed the two members of the group into the building. Other officers stayed back to talk to the other individuals who remained behind. Officers followed the two up the stairs of the building and were able to catch up to one who collided into other officers while trying to run away from other officers, the other suspect however ran into an apartment and locked the door behind him. Moments after the suspect ran into the apartment and locked the door, officers outside heard a sound consistent with a window being closed shut and went around the side of the building and observed a firearm sitting right under the window and under the window of the bedroom window that the suspect had fled inside. It should be noted that an officer had walked right past that window moments before and had noticed nothing on the ground despite illuminating the area with a flashlight. Officers were able to gain access to the apartment with the permission of the owner and placed the suspect under arrest for the above noted offenses. A threshold inquiry was completed on the other individual who had run from officers. Fleeing Motorcyclist Hinders Firefighters Around 10:18PM last night, Tuesday, August, officers from District B-2 (Roxbury) were on patrol in the area of Walnut St. and King Blvd. when they observed a motorcyclist driving on the wrong side of the roadway. Officers made note of the motorcycle and the clothing of its rider and attempted to conduct a traffic stop when the suspect rode through a red light and took off at a high rate of speed. Officers then observed the motorcyclist fail to stop at another light at Washington St. and King Blvd. and continue up Washington Street. The operator then turned up Circuit St. where there were several fire engines working a house fire. There, the suspect was stopped after going over several hoses and weaving between the engines who were actively engaged in fighting the house fire. An officer assisting the firefighters with the fire stopped the suspect and he was positively identified by the officers who had initially observed him committing the traffic offenses on King Boulevard. The suspect, Joseph Dedominici, 19, of Jamaica Plain was arrested and charged with Failure to Stop for Police Officers, Negligent Operation, Failure to Stop for a Red Light, Obstructed Plate, No Valid Inspection Sticker, Wrong Way-One Way, and Hindering Firefighters.