Twelve Men Arrested for the Beating of a Man at Club “33”On Friday, August 21, 2009, at approximately 2:25am, officers assigned to area D-4 (Back Bay), responded to 33 Stanhope Street - Club “33”- for a report of a fight. Officers arrived on-scene and located a male suffering from severe head trauma. Boston EMS was called and transported the victim to Massachusetts General Hospital for treatment. The victim is currently listed in critical condition. Officers spoke with individuals’ on-scene and learned that the people possibly involved in the victim’s beating were within a parked limousine. Officers approached the limousine and removed the occupants. A positive identification of them was then made and they were placed into custody. Officers arrested Ramona Berroa, 28, of Lynn, Ramon LLavona, 38, of Philadelphia, Justin Cooke, 25, of Lynn, Michael Welch, 27, of Lynn, Ruskyn Garcia, 25, of Lynn, Anthony Villaobos, 21, of Revere, Jonathan Fernandez, 23, of Lynn, Johan Garcia, 28, of Lynn, Jose Castros, 22, of Lynn, Miguel Flaquer, 25, of Malden, Jorge Encarnacion, 26, of Lynn and Jason Benalfew, 26, of Lynn. All parties were charged with Assault & Battery with Serious Bodily Injuries.