Statements made by Superintendent Daniel LinskeySecurity Plans for the Funeral of Senator Edward Kennedy We would like to take this opportunity to discuss security plans for the funeral mass tomorrow. As you can see, this is a monumental security effort for all participating law enforcement agencies. A comprehensive security plan has been devised over the last two days. In order to effectively secure the area, we are asking for the public’s ongoing cooperation and support. The funeral mass is for ticketed guests. There will be limited areas from which the public can view the church. We would ask that individuals take this into consideration when deciding how they would like to participate in the Senator’s farewell tomorrow. We feel the best place to fully view the tribute to Senator Kennedy is most likely from television. There will be limited space on Tremont Street with a view of the church. Individuals interested in paying their respects in person will not be able to move east beyond Burney Street on Tremont or west on South Whitney Street on Tremont. Those who would like to pay their respects in person should consider lining the route of the motorcade from the library to the church. I think everyone realizes the extent of the security preparation and we greatly appreciate the community’s ongoing cooperation. BPD Community Service Officers will be speaking with local residents and merchants relative to how tomorrow’s preparations will affect them. If individuals who live in the restricted areas need to leave their residence during the restricted times, they will be escorted by law enforcement. Street closures and towing will begin at 5am. On behalf of the Boston Police Department, our thoughts and prayers are with the Kennedy family. We would also like to extend our deepest condolences to the family of Weymouth officer Michael Davey. I would like to publicly thank the officers for their continued hard work particularly Sgt. William Ridge. Our partners have been critical to maintaining safety in the city and coordinating this massive effort. We would like to thank the Secret Service, MA State Police, Transit Police, FBI, State Department, Capitol Police, Northeastern University police, UMass police, numerous city agencies and the various private security companies. Please click on the below links to view a map of the motorcade route and a map of the restricted areas around the church. Motorcade Route: Download file Restricted asreas around the church: Download file