Internal Memo From Police Commissioner Davis

SUBJECT: A MESSAGE FROM THE POLICE COMMISSIONERI would like to take this opportunity to extend my deepest thanks and appreciation to the members of the Boston Police Department who worked several important and large-scale events over the last few days. On Saturday, August 29th the Boston Police Department handled or assisted with three major events. The funeral services of Senator Edward M. Kennedy, the funeral services of Police Officer Michael Davey of the Weymouth Police Department and the annual Caribbean Festival. These simultaneous events tested our Department and challenged resources. With only three days to plan for law enforcement presence at all events surrounding Senator Kennedy’s passing, Boston Police members reacted quickly and around the clock. We met on numerous occasions with our partners from the U.S. Secret Service, the Massachusetts State Police, the U.S. Capitol Police, Boston Fire and Boston EMS, and other local public safety and transportation agencies to develop a safe and comprehensive plan to handle the events honoring the Senator. This was a historic day, not only in Boston, but across the nation. This city was host to a sitting President, 3 past Presidents, a sitting Vice President and 4 First Lady’s. Joining them, were heads of state, cabinet members and a massive contingent from the U.S. Congress, along with the Kennedy family. Security was obviously our responsibility. Our members represented themselves, the Boston Police Department and the City of Boston with honor and distinction, that was evident nationwide. Special events planning of this massive scope, intelligence gathering and dignitary protection were tremendous. Special Operations escorts for motorcades and Police Officers from across the city who lined the streets on posts were skilled and impressive. Logistical support lent greatly to our success. The presence of the honor guard meant a great deal at the JFK Library. The members of this department stepped up and handled assignments with professionalism, expertise and dedication to duty. While these plans were underway, the Weymouth Police Department was mourning the loss of Weymouth Police Officer Michael Davey, killed in the line of duty. I am proud of the assistance we provided to the Weymouth Police Department through the Boston Police Department’s Office of Family Assistance and the Peer Support Unit and the presence at the wake and funeral by numerous uniformed Boston Police Officers (about 160 Officers at the walk-by alone), Gaelic Column and honor guard duty and district supervisory and motorcycle escort assistance at the funeral services. Our members were of great service and support to the Weymouth Police Department and its members. You should take great pride in that. The Boston Police Department extends its deepest sympathies to Officer Davey’s wife, his 3 young children, his family, friends and colleagues. Officer Davey was a 2nd generation Weymouth Police Officer. He was a man who served his country in wartime, his community, his department and his family bravely, with honor, commitment, pride and dedication. His service will not be forgotten. In another area, Boston Police personnel planned for and successfully handled the Caribbean Festival in Boston. Beginning early on Saturday morning, continuing through the day and evening, residents celebrated this annual event. Planning for this event began weeks ago, in order to ensure for a safe and enjoyable public event and Officers on duty did a great job. I would like to make special mention and thank each of the three sworn unions. The Boston Police Patrolman’s Association, the Boston Police Superior Officers Federation and the Boston Police Detective’s Benevolent Society Presidents were contacted earlier in the week. We conveyed to them the enormous task ahead of us and the significant challenges faced. Thank you for your personal attention to this undertaking. I am extremely proud of these efforts which helped to successfully manage and assist with these events. Specifically, Senator Kennedy’s services were by far the most massive event ever planned in such a short period of time. I know that the Kennedy family, the Weymouth Police Department and the people of Boston truly appreciate all that was done during the most difficult of times. With gratitude for your distinguished service and on behalf of Mayor Thomas M. Menino, thank you on a job well done. Edward F. Davis Police Commissioner