Boston Police Officers Seize Firearm from Student within SchoolOn Thursday, September 3, 2009, at approximately 10:15am, Boston Police Officers, assigned out of the BPD’s School Police Unit, responded to 197 8th Street – Seaport Campus-for the School for Children, for a report of a student with a gun. Officers arrived on-scene and spoke with school personnel who informed them that he had received information from various students that another student was in possession of a firearm within the school. School personnel approached the suspect student and confronted him with their information. The student was asked if he was in possession of a firearm to which he lifted his shirt and displayed, what appeared to be, a firearm tucked into the front of his waistband. The suspect student became enraged when he was disarmed of his firearm and demanded it to be returned to him. When it was not, he began threatening staff members as well as other students. He informed one administrator that he would return later in the day and shoot him in the face. He also stated, “I’ll be back and shoot the school up.” Officers took custody of the firearm and upon further inspection determined it to be a pellet gun. Officers arrested Ryan Beausoleil, 17, of North Reading on the charges of Possession of a Firearm on School Property, Threats to Commit a Crime (murder) and Disturbing a School Assembly.