Two Young Children Left at Home AloneAround 1:36AM today, officers from District B-2 (Roxbury) responded to 707 Shawmut Ave. for a three year old wandering the streets. On arrival, officers found several witnesses with a three year old boy who was inappropriately dressed in light of the temperature and appeared to have some possible marks of injury around his mouth. Officers requested an ambulance to the scene to evaluate the young child and were able to find out from witnesses and nearby residents that the child lived at 40 Dewitt Drive. Officers responded to that address and discovered the front door was open. Officers knocked and received no answer. After knocking several times, officers entered the apartment to conduct a protective sweep and ensure that no one was harmed inside the apartment. Immediately after entering the apartment, officers found a two year old child alone in the living room and subsequently determined that no adult was in the house. Protective sweep of the house revealed it to be in total disarray with rotting food, trash, conditions unfit for children, and evidence of drug use. While on scene, the children’s mother showed up and reported to officers that she had only left the children alone for ten minutes despite the fact that officers had located the young boy more than twenty minutes before the mother’s arrival. The children were transported to Boston Medical Center for evaluation and treatment and Department of Children of Families notified regarding the children being left alone and the condition of the house. The Department of Children and Families effected an emergency order and took custody of both children. It should be noted that later on in the night that the mother of the children was also transported to the hospital. This incident will be further investigated by district detectives and the Department of Children and Families. Road Rage Lands Two in Jail This morning around 3:05AM, officers from District D-4 (South End) and Northeastern University officers arrested suspects, Juan C. Cruz, 18 and Jose Vega, 33 both of Jamaica Plain and charged them with Assault by Means of a Dangerous Weapon (Gun). Officers were initially dispatched to 360 Huntington Ave. for an assault and battery in progress. Officers responded to the scene and there met with three victims of the assault who were accompanied by Northeastern University police officers. Officers spoke to the victims who reported that they were stopped at a red light on Massachusetts Ave. when the vehicle in front of them refused to move when the light changed. The victims further reported that while sounding their horn, an individual walked out of a store and into the vehicle. The victims stated that they once again sounded their horn for the suspect vehicle to move and were confronted by the two occupants of the car who started yelling and swearing at the victims. The victims took off from the scene and were pursued by the suspects who followed them and blocked them in on St. Stephens Street. The victims then told officers that the two occupants then pulled out a gun and pointed it in their direction. The victims, fearing for their lives, exited their car and fled from their car since they were blocked in by the suspects’ car. The victims luckily found some Northeastern police officers and explained what had just happened to them. The suspect motor vehicle was stopped a short distance away and detained pending identification by the victims but not before a struggle with the suspects. The two suspects were positively identified by the victims and placed under arrest for the above charges. A search of the suspects’ car for the weapon used in the assault was unsuccessful.