Boston School Police Recognized During Commendation Ceremony

On Wednesday, September 9, 2009, officers were awarded for their exemplary work and dedication to the citizens and school children of the City of Boston. The officers continue to exhibit a remarkable work ethic and desire to make the schools within the City of Boston a safe environment for the children to learn and socially thrive.The ceremony was led by Chief Daniel Linskey of the Boston Police Department and remarks were made by Superintendent Carol Johnson of the Boston Public Schools, Chief Operating Officer Michael Goar of the Boston Public Schools, and Eric Weston of the Department of Safety Services. The commendations were handed out by Deputy Superintendent Gary French and Sergeant Detective Kelly Nee. The actions of the officers highlighted ranged from assisting school children with medical emergencies, seizing numerous firearms on school grounds to supplying valuable intelligence information that proved reliable and useful in solving a homicide of a young boy. The following officers received commendations for their actions. Sergeant Kirk Harrison – Boston School Police (B.S.P.) Officer Yanira Rosario – B.S.P. Officer Steven Wilson – B.S.P. Mr. Keith Ford – Administrator, English High School On Thursday, November 20, 2009, the aforementioned individuals recovered a loaded 9mm firearm on the school grounds of English High School. It was later determined that the individual arrested was a gang member and was going to confront another gang member over an ongoing dispute. Officer Marcus Gangemi – B.S.P. On February 27, 2009, Officer Gangemi was assigned to the Lewis Middle School when he was approached by several students who reported to him that they were just robbed while walking home from school. The students supplied officer Gangemi with a detailed description of the suspects and the direction of their flight. Officer Gangemi took immediate action and requested the assistance of the Boston Police Department. In short time, the suspects were stopped, identified and arrested on the charges of robbery. Officer Marcus Gangemi – B.S.P. Officer Robert Ward – Boston Police Officer Assigned to Boston School Police (B.P.D.) On Monday, September 17, 2009, officer Gangemi was assigned to the Lewis Middle School when he observed three individuals circling the bus stop. Their actions immediately aroused officer Gangemi’s suspicion and he continued to monitor them. They appeared to have their face’s partially covered and kept staring towards a group of students. Officer Gangemi contacted the Boston Police Department in order to confront the individuals. Boston Police officer Robert Ward responded and the officers attempted to speak with them. The group fled while officers approached. Officers gave chase and ultimately caught one of the suspects. As a result, a firearm was recovered and the individual was placed into custody. Captain Richard Durkin – B.S.P. Sergeant Detective Michael Talbot – B.P.D. Officer Maurice Osteen – B.S.P. Officer Donald Casey – B.P.D. Officer Curtis Mosley – B.P.D. Officer Heather Mackenzie – B.P.D. On June 11, 2008, Boston Police Sergeant Detective Talbot heard yelling and screaming coming from 32 Decard Street. Sergeant Talbot called for assistance from his fellow officers assigned to Latin Academy. As officers approached, they observed the building to be fully engulfed in flames. The officers entered the three story, multi-family building and assisted residents in escaping. Many of the occupants did not realize the building was on fire. Their quick and fearless actions certainly saved the lives of the people within the building. Sergeant Willie Mattews – B.S.P. Officer Jose Acevedo – B.S.P. On November 16, 2007, the above-mentioned officers were on duty at the Community Academy on Shirley Street in Roxbury when they observed a group of individuals on the school grounds. The group was recognized to have been previously warned from the property for they were not students. As officers approached, they observed one of the parties to fire several gunshots at another group. Officers gave chase and notified and requested the assistance of the Boston Police Department. Subsequently, three parties were placed into custody and a .380 handgun was recovered. Officer Michael Medeiros – B.S.P. On Friday, January 16, 2009, Officer Medeiros was working a basketball game at the Dorchester Educational Complex when a group of youths entered the building. Officer Medeiros previously obtained information that there may be some type of gang activity on this evening. Due to a series of events, officer Medeiros located a loaded .357 revolver in the suspect’s backpack. Officer Medeiros’ attention to detail and thorough police work most likely prevented the serious injury, if not death, of another youth. Officer Robert Cordaso – B.S.P. Officer Miguel Ortiz – B.S.P. Officer Luis Lopez – B.P.D. On February 21, 2008, Officer’s Cordaso and Ortiz were working the City basketball championship games at Madison Park High School when and individual set off the metal detector while attempting to gain entry into the building. The suspect fled on foot while being questioned by officers. The officers gave chase and requested the assistance of the BPD. Officers ultimately caught up to the suspect and located a firearm on his person. Officer Sonya Rogers – B.S.P. On December 17, 2009, Officer Rogers was on duty at the Timilty Middle School when she was approached by a student who supplied her with information that three students were in possession of a firearm on school grounds. Officer Rogers immediately notified school administrators of the situation. The three suspects were located and a loaded .380 firearm was seized. A subsequent investigation showed the suspects were previously involved in a verbal argument with other students and threatened to come back and shoot them. Sergeant Kenneth Rosa – B.S.P. Sergeant Gabriel Rosa – B.S.P. On September 17, 2007, the above-mentioned officers were monitoring the cafeteria of the Boston Educational Complex when they were made aware of a student choking. Officers located the semi-conscious student apparently choking. Officer conducted the Heimlich maneuver and dislodged the obstruction. The students breathing then returned and made a full recovery. The officers training and immediate actions may have saved the life of this student. Chief Eric Watson – B.S.P. Sergeant Julio Carrasquillo – B.S.P. Officer Dennis Wornum – B.S.P. On May 7, 2009, a 15 year-old boy was shot and killed in the area of Dudley Street. The victim was a student at a local Boston area public school. This incident created talk among students. A conversation related to the murder of the young boy was overheard by one of the officers and supplied to the Boston Police Homicide Unit. This information was deemed credible and useful in the investigation. BPD investigators were able to identify the suspect of this crime and it was learned he too was a student at a Boston public school. The Boston School Police continued to work with homicide investigators and assisted in the apprehension of the perpetrator. Officer Helena Dea – B.S.P. On Thursday, May 14, 2009, Officer Dea was assigned to the Boston Day & Evening Academy. At lunch time, she observed a student outside the building attempting to re-enter. Officer Dea confronted the student for it’s a direct violation to exit the building without permission. The student was escorted to the school police office in order to obtain why he was out of the building. The student was evasive in answering questions and was asked if he had anything on him he shouldn’t. The student stated, “Search my bag.” Officer Dea then conducted a search of his bag and located a loaded .44 cal revolver and the student was placed into custody.