On 9/15/09 12:46AM at Tedeschi’s 405 West Broadway in South Boston (District C-6) an alarm activated and responding officers found the glass door smashed by a large rock.The depicted suspect was observed on video throwing a large rock through the lower portion of the glass door and entered the store. The suspect went behind the counter and stole scratch tickets and Newport cigarettes. The suspect has something under his shirt in the area of his lower back. Prior breaking and enterings at the 7-11 473 West Broadway on 7/31/09 at 3:45AM and 8/8/09 at 2:54AM where lottery tickets and Newport cigarettes were stolen showed what appeared to be the same suspect removing a bag from under his shirt and placing the cigarettes in the bag. The suspect is a White Male, 30-40 years old, dark hair possible graying in the temple area, wearing a Boston Red Sox hat with white vent holes, possibly a gray long sleeve Red Sox Championship shirt, black jeans and black sneakers. If you have any information about this suspect, please call District C-6 detectives at 617-343-4742. If you wish to remain anonymous, please call the Crime Stoppers tip line at 800-494-TIPS or text the word “tip” to crime. photo1[1].jpg_attach=1 photo2[2].jpg_attach=1 photo3[1].jpg_attach=1