Two Arrested for Underage Drinking in PublicOn Saturday, September 19, 2009, at approximately 11:40pm, a Boston Police Officer assigned to Area D-14 (Brighton), was traveling on Washington Street when he observed two males drinking beer while walking down the street. One of the individuals finished his beer and threw it to the ground. Both parties then stepped onto the roadway and attempted to cross. This forced traffic to come to an abrupt stop and one of the individuals was almost struck. One of the males then punched the rear of the vehicle as he walked by. The officer then exited his vehicle and identified himself as a police officer. Both parties became belligerent towards the officer and taunted him to arrest them. The officer placed one of the parties into custody and called for additional officers to respond in order to assist him. Upon arrival of additional officers, they were instructed to place the second party into custody. At this time, he was standing approximately twenty-five feet away and continued to yell obscenities at the officers. The second suspect fled when the officers approached him. He ran a short distance before stopping and facing the oncoming officers. The suspect then took a body building stance and flexed his muscles at the officers. The officers were not deterred and placed the suspect into custody. It was discovered that both parties were under the legal drinking age of twenty-one. Officers arrested Michael Downing, 20, of Billerica and Ryan Winter, 19, of Billerica on the charges of Drinking Alcohol in Public and Person Under Twenty-One in Possession of Alcohol. Three Arrested for Loud Party and Supplying Minors with Alcohol On Sunday, September 20, 2009, at approximately 2:00am, a Boston Police Officer assigned out of Area D-4 (Fenway), was traveling in the area of Hemmingway Street when he was flagged down by a concerned citizen. The officer was informed that there was an underage drinking party taking place within the second floor of 216 Hemmingway Street. The officer requested the assistance of other BPD units as well as Northeastern Officers. Officers then made entry into the suspect location and observed numerous bottles of alcohol throughout the residence. There was estimated to be approximately Fifty to Sixty individuals within the apartment. Many of the party-goers admitted to being under the age of twenty-one. Officers then located a passed out male in the back bedroom and attempted to wake him. The officers were unable to and were forced to call Boston EMS. The male was then transported to a Boston area hospital for treatment. Officers located three individuals who informed them that they lived in the apartment and were responsible for hosting the party. They were then placed into custody. Officers arrested Ethan Clark, 19, of Boston, Brian Lavoie, 20, of Boston and Cameron Lyons, 19, of Boston on the charges of Keeper of a Disorderly House and Procuring Alcohol for Minors.