Boston Police Investigate Man Posing as Movie ProducerPolice Provide Important Internet Safety Tips The Boston Police Department is investigating several reports from women who believe that an individual claiming to be a movie producer scammed them. This individual reportedly arranged meetings with these women, aspiring actors and models, over the Internet for the purpose of an audition in an upcoming movie role. Below is a list of incidents reported to police. Investigators are also interested in speaking with any additional women who may have had a similar experience. Detectives have reason to believe that the same individual is involved in each incident. Incident Descriptions: Within the last week, a young female responded to an advertisement via the Internet for a role in an upcoming movie. The would-be actor agreed to meet with the “producer” at a downtown hotel for an audition. During the audition, the “producer” attempted to convince the female to conduct sexual acts on him in return for the part in the movie. The female denied his requests and reported the incident to the Boston Police Department. In August 2009, the Boston Police Department learned of another female that had an interview with a movie “producer” at the same downtown Boston hotel for a role in an upcoming movie. It was learned that this “producer” solicited a local business, which is where he met the above female, and informed them that he was interested in using their location to shoot a scene in his movie. In January 2009, a female had a conversation with a male individual who she made contact through the Internet in regards to obtaining an acting position. She agreed to meet the male at a downtown Boston restaurant. During the meeting, the “producer” convinced her to act out a seductive scene within the building’s elevator. After the meeting, the female became suspicious of the “producer” and informed the police of the situation. The Boston Police Department is currently conducting an investigation into the above-mentioned incidents. Boston Police urge anyone interested or considering auditioning for acting roles posted on the Internet to exercise extreme caution. If you have any information about the above-mentioned incidents or if you have experienced a similar scenario, please contact Area A-1 detective’s (617) 343-4248. You may also contact Lt. Charles Wilson at TIPS FOR ENSURING PERSONAL SAFETY WHEN MEETING SOMEONE OVER THE INTERNET: • Conduct your own research on the person / company you will be meeting with. This can be accomplished by conducting an Internet search or phoning people they have previously done business with. • Only agree to meet in a public, heavily populated area. • Never accompany a sole individual to an isolated place such as an elevator or rooftop. • Keep your cellular phone with you at all times. • Bring a family member or friend with you. • Inform family members or friends of your whereabouts. • Trust your instincts. If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.