Community Alert

BOSTON POLICE WELCOME COLLEGE STUDENTS TO THE CITYPolice Team Up With Local Area Colleges To Ensure a Safe Environment for Students The Boston Police Department (BPD) welcomes the arrival of the new school year for area colleges and universities. The BPD hopes that all students have a productive, safe and happy year. In that spirit, the department would like to take this opportunity to highlight proactive steps taken to maintain a safe environment for students and their neighbors. This is also an opportunity to inform students of the various ways to keep safe and be respectful to their neighbors. The Boston Police Department is working in conjunction with several local area Boston Colleges and community groups in order to address concerns relating to various quality of life crimes and violations of City ordinances, such as; Public drinking, noise disturbances, disruptive behavior, vandalism and underage drinking. The Boston Police Department is continuing to strictly enforce policy towards these violations. The hope of this policy is to deter and swiftly end any unacceptable behavior. Off-campus students are urged to be mindful and responsible towards their neighbors and residential communities. All violations will be reported to the appropriate college administrators for disciplinary review. Captain Frank Mancini, Commander of District D14, said “On behalf of the Boston Police Department, I would like to welcome all of our new college students to the area and wish them a successful and safe academic year. We are dedicated to working in partnership with the local college and university students to fight crime, reduce fear and improve quality of life in the Brighton/Allston community.” Since the beginning of the school year Boston Police District D-14 has increased patrols in selected areas comprised of off-campus students in Allston/Brighton. It is a top priority to provide students and other local residents with a safe environment to live, work and study. So far this year, those efforts have resulted in the arrest of approximately 27 college students, the issuance of 11 criminal complaints for various offenses and distribution of 138 City Ordinance violations totaling in excess of $21,800 in fines. The BPD continues its working relationship with the City of Boston’s Inspectional Services Division in order to follow up on any housing and building code violation. Landlords and homeowners should be aware that criminal charges may be filed and pursued against them as a result of such an investigation if a violation is discovered. Increased patrol efforts will be conducted throughout the school year in the off-campus sections of the City to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment. Officers from District 14 (Brighton/Allston) have issued the attached newsletter with helpful safety tips and public safety information in an effort to help students to quickly adapt to their new community. Download file