Officers Called to Talbot Ave for Vicious Pitbull…Again

On Wednesday, October 14, 2009, Boston Police Officers assigned out of C-11 (Dorchester), responded to the area of 510 Talbot Avenue to investigate a dog bite.

Officers learned that a 12 year-old girl was attacked by a pitbull while waiting at her bus stop. An unknown motorist stopped and assisted in removing the dog from the young girl. The girl was later checked out and found to be unharmed. Witnesses informed the officers that the dogs owner was seen laughing while the dog attacked the girl and did nothing to prevent the attack or call the dog off. Officers were unable to locate the dog or its owner at that time.

On Tuesday, October 29, 2009, at approximately 8:30 am, Boston Police Officers assigned out of Area C-11 (Dorchester), were called to the area of Talbot Avenue at Welles Avenue for a report of a vicious dog.

Upon arrival, Officers met with the caller who stated her neighbor attempted to have her pitbull attack her young daughter. She went on to state that it has been an ongoing problem and her daughter is afraid of the dog.

While the officer spoke with the caller, a black female appeared with an un-muzzled pitbull. The caller’s young daughter was immediately frightened by the dog and jumped onto her mother. The officer ordered the female to restrain her dog to which she refused. The suspect began yelling at the caller and continued to threaten her. She stated, “I will be waiting for you when you get home”.

The officer took control of the pitbull and was able to place it into the rear of his cruiser. He informed the dog’s owner to bring the dog’s proper documentation to the station. Boston Animal Control then took custody of the dog and transported it to the Roslindale Shelter on Maher road.

The dog’s owner was identified as Allaya Chamliss, 29, of Dorchester. The dog is still under the control of the Roslindale Shelter and no attempts have been made by the owner to release it. The dog will be evaluated to see if it is fit for adoption.