BPD Detail Officer Apprehends Carjacking Suspect

On Monday, November 2, 2009, at approximately 7:31pm, a Boston Police Officer conducting a detail on State Street at Congress Street was approached by a parking valet who reported that a woman was just robbed of her purse and the suspect was running down the street. The officer was then supplied with a description of the suspect and directed to the area where he was last seen.

The officer and parking valet then ran down Congress Street towards Quaker Lane. An individual was then observed and identified by the parking valet as the perpetrator. As the officer approached the suspect he observed him to be concealing what appeared to be a purse under his shirt. The officer also observed him to have a large knife in his right hand. The officer ordered the suspect to drop the knife to which he complied. At this time, the suspect was handcuffed and detained in order to investigate the matter further.

Officers then spoke with a 61 year-old female victim who stated that she had her vehicle returned to her by the valet service at 45 Province Street when she was approached by a white male who pushed her out of the driver’s seat and into the passengers’ area. The suspect entered her vehicle and sat in the driver’s seat. She began to scream and the suspect punched her and removed a large knife and slashed at her. The victim sustained a laceration on her hand as a result. The victim attempted to scratch the suspect’s face and he ordered her to shut up or he would kill her. The victim got out of the vehicle while the suspect was attempting to locate the car keys. At this time, the valet came to the victim’s aid and attempted to remove the suspect from her car. The suspect stepped from the vehicle and swung the knife at the valet before grabbing the victim’s purse and fleeing on foot. The valet pursued the suspect and observed him to enter an un-occupied vehicle on Washington Street and attempt to steal it. The valet again confronted the suspect causing him to exit the vehicle and continue to flee.

The suspect was positively identified and placed into custody. Officers arrested Richard Morse, 48 of Boston on the charges of Assault with Intent to Murder on a Person over the age of 60, Kidnapping and Armed Robbery (second & subsequent offense).