Superintendent Kevin Buckley

Superintendent Kevin Buckley
Commander of the Criminal Investigation Division

Superintendent Kevin J. Buckley was appointed to the Boston Police Department (BPD) as a Police Officer in November of 1982. He worked on patrol in Area A, which included Downtown Boston, Charlestown and East Boston; he was also assigned to Area D, which covered the South End, Back Bay and Allston Brighton sections of the city. As a Police Officer, he also worked in Research and Development Section and the Drug Control Unit.

Superintendent Buckley was rated Detective in March of 1987 and served in the Drug Control Unit and Intelligence Unit at that rank.

In November, 1988 Superintendent Buckley was promoted to the rank of Sergeant; he was assigned to Area D as a Patrol Supervisor and Duty Supervisor. In April of 1990 he was assigned to the Anti-Gang Violence Unit; this was a newly formed unit in Boston whose mission was to address gang violence and related problems within the city.

In September of 1991 Superintendent Buckley was transferred, as a Sergeant, to the Drug Control Unit (DCU) where he worked with a squad conducting drug related investigations. He was rated Sergeant Detective while assigned to the DCU.

Superintendent Buckley was reassigned to the Major Case Unit in August of 1994 where he worked with investigators from BPD and the Massachusetts State Police. The Major Case Unit focused on organized criminal groups, as well as investigations into drugs, prostitution and gaming. The unit worked closely with various Federal Law Enforcement organizations.

In June of 2004 he was reassigned to the Homicide Unit working with a squad conducting homicide/suspicious death investigations, suicides and serious assaults which may lead to deaths. In 2008, while assigned to the Homicide Unit he worked in the Unsolved/Cold Case Squad.

On July 12, 2010 he was promoted to the rank of Deputy Superintendent, assigned as the Commander of the Criminal Investigation Division. This division oversees the Homicide Unit, District Detectives, the Forensic Group, and Fugitive Unit. He is commander of the Firearm Discharge Investigation Team. Superintendent Buckley earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Northeastern University and a Master of Science Degree from Anna Maria College.