Good Citizen Does the Right Thing and Chases Down Purse Snatcher

On Saturday, January 16, 2010, Boston Police Officers assigned out of Area A-1 (Downtown), were actively patrolling the area of Milk Street when they were flagged down by a male individual.

This individual was observed by officers to be holding down another male and went on to inform them that he was on Milk Street when he observed three males engage a passing female in conversation. While doing so, one of the males attempted to grab the female’s purse from her hand, knocking her to the ground. The three males then fled the area on foot. The Good Samaritan singled out the individual who attempted to steal the woman’s purse as he ran away and gave chase. The suspect was apprehended on Surface road near India Street. The concerned citizen then accompanied the suspect back to the area where the female victim was last seen. He held down the perpetrator until he was able to flag down a passing BPD cruiser.

BPD Officers then spoke with the female victim who informed them that she was walking on Milk Street towards Faneuil Hall when three white males began following her. A conversation ensued between the three suspects and the female. While speaking, one of the males attempted to grab her purse. She refused to let go and was knocked to the ground. Several witnesses were in the area at the time which caused the suspects to flee without obtaining the victim’s purse.

The victim was able to positively identify the male as her assailant and he was placed into custody. While being searched, one of the officers was “pricked” by a hypodermic needle the suspect had in his possession. The suspect also possessed several unknown pills that will be sent to the lab for testing.

Officers arrested Steven Bell, 24, of Quincy on the charges of Attempted Unarmed Robbery, Assault & Battery and Possession of a Class E Substance.

BPD Detectives assigned out of Area A-1 (Downtown) will continue to investigate the incident in attempts to identify the two suspects that eluded capture.