Shoplifting Suspect Goes from Wine to Cocaine

Early yesterday around 2:20AM, an officer performing a paid detail at 53 Huntington Ave. was alerted by loss prevention of a suspect stealing a bottle of wine.

The detail responded to the suspect’s location and observed the suspect remove a bottle of wine from his pants. The suspect was then asked if he had any other stolen items on his person at which time he started emptying his pockets and placing those items on a nearby table. The suspect, while emptying his pocket was observed to have removed a small straw with powder residue on it which he quickly tried to hide back in his coat pocket. The suspect was directed to place the straw back on the table to which he exclaimed, “Am I going to get !#@% for this?!” The suspect then admitted that he had drugs in his pocket and removed a small glass vial from his pocket containing a white powder consistent with cocaine.

The suspect, Tristan J. Brick, 23, of Manhattan, NY was arrested and charged with Shoplifting and Possession of Class B.

Detail Officer Helps in the Capture and Arrest of Robbery Suspect

Yesterday morning around 6:10AM, a detail officer performing a detail at Brigham and Women’s Hospital arrested suspect, Jean Carlos Tirado, 18, of Jamaica Plain and charged him with Unarmed Robbery.

The detail officer was performing the above detail when he was notified through their radio communication system that an employee had just been assaulted. The officer was further informed that the suspect was a white Hispanic male wearing a red/orange hooded sweatshirt/jacket had attempted to snatch the victim’s purse while she was walking to work. The detail officers along with hospital security were able to locate an individual matching the suspect description near the intersection of Wait St. and Huntington Avenue. The suspect was detained pending identification by the victim.

The suspect was returned to the hospital where the victim positively identified him as the person who approached her from behind while she was walking on Vining Street and grabbed her purse. The victim further reported that she fought with the suspect for her purse and when she started screaming the suspect released his grip on her bag and fled.

Good Deed Turns Bad!

Last night around 11:40PM, officers from District C-6 (South Boston) responded to a call for a robbery in progress at the Store 24 located at 555 East Broadway in South Boston.

On arrival, officers immediately observed the front of the store to be in disarray and a white male being detained by store employees. Officers immediately entered the store and detained the suspect while they further investigated the incident.

Officers then spoke to the store employees and learned that the suspect had walked in the store and asked them to wait for the bus inside the store due to the inclement weather. The clerks complied and allowed the suspect to wait for the bus in the store. As the bus pulled up, the clerks alerted the suspect that the bus was there but the suspect declined to get on the bus and stated that he was no longer getting on the bus. The clerks then asked the suspect to leave the store if he was not getting on the bus at which point the suspect became disruptive. The clerks then decided to call the police to have the suspect removed but the suspect went around the counter and attempted to prevent the clerk from calling the police by trying to slap the phone from the clerk. The suspect then started pushing the clerks and tried to open the cash register by pushing the buttons on the cash register screen. The suspect then further created a disturbance by ripping the lottery tickets from the wall behind the counter.

The officers then watched store video footage which confirmed the clerks’ stories. The suspect, a sixteen year-old male from South Boston was arrested and charged with Attempted Unarmed Robbery, Assault and Battery and Disorderly Conduct.