Stolen Car Involved in Fatal Accident

Last night, Thursday, January 7, 2010 around 11:45pm, a victim walked in to District E-13 (Jamaica Plain) and reported that his motor vehicle was stolen when he went in to the Citgo Gas Station located at 3050 Washington St. and left his car running.

A short while after the stolen car was reported, a broadcast was made over the police radio that the recently stolen car was observed traveling on Harrison Ave. in Roxbury heading toward the South End. Within moments of the broadcast, an officer exiting the parking lot of District D-4 located on Harrison Ave. in the South End observed the reported stolen car traveling at a high rate of speed with no head lights illuminated. Officers again advised Operations of the stolen car’s direction of flight, and its excessive speed without pursuing the stolen car.

At that time, officers, following the direction of the stolen car, observed smoke coming from the direction of Harrison Ave. and Berkeley Street. Officers approached that intersection and there observed a motor vehicle accident involving the stolen motor vehicle and a delivery truck. Officers immediately requested EMS to the scene and approached the accident scene and looked inside the stolen car. Inside the stolen car, officers observed the operator of the car slumped over the wheel and a passenger who appeared to be suffering serious head and chest injuries in front passenger seat. Officers next approached the delivery truck and found a victim seated in the back of the truck bleeding from the head.

The passenger in the stolen car was transported to Boston Medical Center by ambulance where he was subsequently pronounced as a result of his injuries. The delivery truck driver was transported to Tufts Medical Center suffering from non-life threatening injuries to his face and head. The operator/suspect of the stolen car was transported to Boston Medical Center suffering injuries to his head and leg.

Preliminary investigation indicates that the delivery truck driver was in the back of his truck stocking his deliveries when his truck was struck from behind by the stolen car pushing the truck into another parked car.

The suspect/operator, Warren Tyler, 44 of Randolph was arrested and charged with Receiving Stolen Motor Vehicle, Operating a Motor vehicle with a Revoked, and Possession of Class B for crack cocaine found in his clothing.