Armed Robbery Suspects Arrested

Yesterday afternoon around 1:25PM, officers from District B-2 (Roxbury and Dorchester) responded to 23 Greenville Street for a report of an armed robbery. The victim had reported to the 911 call-taker that he was just robbed at gunpoint of his cell phone and his wallet. The victim further reported that he was robbed by two black males who had robbed him after they were called over by a woman with whom he was talking.

Officers responded and spoke to the victim who reiterated the same story to officers. Officers put the victim in their car and drove around with him to see if they could find the suspects. While driving on Mount Pleasant Street, not too far from the location of the incident, the victim saw three males walking and exclaimed “absolutely, that’s them!” The three suspects were stopped and the victim positively two of the three as the ones who robbed him.

Officers then asked the suspect about the woman who had been involved in the robbery and they were directed to 23 Greenville Street.  There, officers knocked on a door that they were directed to by the victim and the door was answered by a woman. The victim positively identified the woman as the one who had assisted in the robbery and had taken his phone. The female suspect reported to officers that she had been fighting with the victim but she had only called the two males to remove him from her apartment and that she had no knowledge of the victim’s stolen phone. Officers on scene then dialed the victim’s cell phone number and heard it ringing in the suspect’s apartment. The phone was then located in the suspect’s trash barrel and subsequently identified by the victim as his phone that was stolen from him.

The suspects, Delroy S. Beckford, 17, Kevin J. Woods, 18, and Cassandra Selmon, all of Roxbury were arrested and charged with Armed Robbery. During, booking a $20 bill was found in suspect Woods pocket consistent with a $20 bill that the victim reported was taken from him.