Car Collision Leads to Arrest of OUI Suspect

Early this morning around 2:50AM, officers from District C-11 (Dorchester) arrested suspect, Olivier B. Amado, 42, of Abington and charged him with Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol, Leaving the Scene of an Accident Resulting in Property Damage and Possession of an Open Container of Alcohol.

Officers, while on patrol, were drawn to the sound of a car collision. Officers circled the area and located a car stopped in the middle of the street. There, officers noted there were no other moving cars in the area and damage to the rear driver’s side of the car. While stopped behind the car, the car slowly started to roll back towards officers’ cruisers and didn’t stop until officers sounded their horns. The operator then continued to operate his car followed by officers. Officers, while observing the suspect motor vehicle, observed the driver real close to a parked cars almost striking the parked car.

Officers conducted a traffic stop at near the intersection of Dorchester Ave. and Adams St. after observing the above actions by the operator.  At the traffic stop, the operator had to be prompted to pull over to the right after he came to a stop in the direct travel lane on Adams Street. Officers approached the suspect putting several pieces of chewing gum in his mouth as they neared him. The operator, when asked about the damage to his car stated “I hit a car or something when I was backing up.” When asked if the damage was done recently, the suspect operator stated, “Yeah, it was on Westville Street.”  Officers believing the suspect to be intoxicated asked him if he had been drinking and he replied that he had been at a party and that he had “…about 2 or 3 Budweisers.”

Officers, believing the suspect to be operating his car under the influence of alcohol, then asked him to step out of the car. As the operator stepped out of the car, he stumbled from being unsteady on his feet. Officers then administered several sobriety tests to the suspect, all of which he failed. The suspect was then arrested and charged with OUI-Alcohol. During an inventory search of the suspect’s car, officers located a bottle of whiskey more than half empty.