COMMUNITY UPDATE: Updated Information on Recent Brush Fire on Agassiz Road

On Monday April 5, 2010 at about 6:38 pm, officers from District D-4 responded to a radio call for a fire at Agassiz Rd. Upon arrival, officers observed brush fire in the area of the Fens. All responding officers were able to divert and maintain a safe perimeter for pedestrian traffic as well as motor vehicle traffic away from the fire. After a short while, the Boston Fire Department gained control of the fire and completely extinguished it. The Fire Department deemed the fire a large brush fire and no one was injured as a result of the incident.

 The Boston Fire Department has determined that the recent brush fire in the Fens neighborhood was most probably the result of a discarded cigarette. This area is heavily traveled daily by pedestrians along the walkways. Also, despite record rains recently, the reeds above ground were extremely dry.  There was no indication that this was a set fire.