Three Arrested for Attempted Robbery

Around 9:34PM last night, April 19, 2010, officers from District D-4 (South End) responded to the area of Columbus Ave. and Rutland Square for a robbery in progress.

On arrival, officers broadcast a description of the three suspect involved in the incident along with their direction of flight. Assisting officers, having heard the broadcast of the suspect description, observed a group of three matching the suspect descriptions in a store at 629 Tremont Street. Officers topped the group and pat frisked them for the presence of any weapons. During a pat frisk of the suspects, a knife was recovered from one of the suspects.

Officers then spoke with the victim who provided the following information to them. The victim told officers that he was on Rutland Square when he observed the three suspects walking behind him. The victim stated that he moved from the sidewalk to the street but the suspects continued to follow him. As the suspects followed him to the street, one of them told him to “Just give me your I-Pod and we will leave you alone!” The victim was then by a friend on Rutland Square at which time, the same suspect walked up to him and exclaimed, “Give me your I-Pod, you don’t want to [mess] with me, I have a knife!”  After being ordered to give up his I-Pod, the victim and his friend heard a “clicking” sound and believed that indeed that the suspect had a knife and became fearful for his life. At this time, the suspect also demanded that the victim’s friend give up his cell phone.  The victims after receiving the above threats from the suspects walked into a nearby store to evade the suspects without giving up their belongings and the suspects fled the scene.

The victims were held and the victims returned to their location where they positively identified the suspects.  The three suspects, David Rodriguez, 18 of South Boston, a 16 year-old from Lynn, and a 14 year-old from Boston were all arrested and charged with Attempted Armed Robbery.