Vigilance Pays Off in the Arrest of B&E Suspect

This morning around 2:23AM, an officer on patrol in the area of Popes Hill Street and Neponset Ave. observed two young looking males exiting a driveway at 1 Popes Hill Street and attempted to stop the two due to the time of day and their youthful appearance.

One of the two suspects made good his escape but the other was held and detained pending further investigation.  The apprehended suspect stated to officers that he was coming from a party and that he was simply walking home. Officers questioned the suspect about what was in his backpack and he stated that it was an old GPS and an I-Pod docking station. Officers then went to the driveway where the suspect was seen exiting and there found a car with an open door and glove compartment.  The owner of the car was notified and identified the objects in the suspect’s backpack as having been stolen from her car. The suspect then admitted to stealing those items from the car.

The suspect, a 14 year-old from Dorchester was arrested and charged with Larceny from a Vehicle and Breaking and Entering a Motor Vehicle.