Woman Accidentally Strikes & Pins Boyfriend Between Cars

On Friday, April 30, 2010, at approximately 9:22am, Boston Police Officers, assigned out of Area B-2 (Roxbury), responded to the area of 20 Evans Way, Roxbury for a report of a man struck & pinned between two motor vehicles.

BPD Officers, The Boston Fire Department and Boston EMS arrived on-scene and began rendering care for the male who sustained lower body injuries from being pinned between the cars. The victim is only being described as a black male (mid-forties) from Roxbury.

Officers interviewed numerous parties present who witnessed the incident. Officers were told a consistent version of events leading to the victim being struck. Officers learned that the boyfriend and girlfriend, both Roxbury residents, were traveling on Evans Way and were forced to come to a stop due to traffic. At this time, the girlfriend was operating the vehicle. They decided to utilize this time to switch positions in the vehicle and allow the boyfriend to drive.

The boyfriend exited the passenger’s seat door and walked in front of their vehicle to get to the operator’s side. At this time, the female operator attempted to move from the operator’s seat to the passenger’s seat by scooting over. Whiling doing so, she failed to put the car in park and her foot accidentally stepped on the accelerator pedal. Unfortunately, her boyfriend was directly in front of the car at this time. This caused the vehicle to quickly go forward, striking the boyfriend and pushing & pinning him against the vehicle in front of them in traffic. This caused a chain reaction resulting in Five (5) vehicles being struck and damaged. The girlfriend eventually got back into the operator’s compartment and reversed the car which freed the victim.

Both boyfriend and girlfriend were transported to Brigham & Women’s Hospital for treatment. They are both expected to recover from their injuries and were listed with non-life threatening injuries.

The Boston Police Area B-2 (Roxbury) Auto Investigator was called to the scene and is investigating the incident. Preliminary results do not suggest the couple were arguing prior to the incident. At this time no charges or violations have been filed.