At about 9:06pm, on Saturday, May 8th, 2010, officers from Area B-2 (Roxbury) responded to a radio call for an armed robbery in the area of 25 Whittier Street. On arrival, officers spoke to the pizza delivery guy who stated that he was in the process of making a delivery to 25 Whittier Street (Apt #35) when three black males approached, showed a knife, took his pizzas and money. Upon entering the location (25 Whittier Street) officers went to the top floor where they were unable to locate an Apt #35. However, officers were able to observe and recover the pizza guy’s insulated delivery boxes (2) on the top floor. As a result of their findings, officers then called for a patrol dog. Once on scene, the officer and his K-9 were able to trace or track the smell of pizza to an apartment on a lower floor. Upon hitting on the source of smell or scent, the K-9 stopped and sat in front of an apartment door. (A K-9 dog stopping and sitting at a particular location is the dog’s way of communicating to his handler that he has located the source of the scent.)

In addition to the K-9, officers could detect and smell a strong odor of pizza permeating the hallway. Additionally, when officers looked at the floor, officers could see what looked like smeared pizza or tomato sauce on the floor. As a result, officers knocked on the nearest apartment door. When the door opened, officers observed an individual who matched the description of one of the suspects standing inside the apartment. As a result, officers entered the apartment. Once inside, officers were able to see and seize three pizza boxes which matched the same ones delivered by the pizza guy. Moreover, officers observed several other individuals inside the apartment. As a result, the occupants were asked to exit the apartment and stand in the hallway. Once outside, the pizza delivery guy was able to positively identify two of the individuals who robbed him.

Officers arrested an 18 year-old male and a 15 year-old male both from Boston and charged both with Armed Robbery.