Officers On-Site Shots Fired Incident

Last night around 9:29PM, officers from District B-3 (Mattapan) arrested suspects, Jerrod Foster, 23, of Brighton, Kashawn Stephen, 19, of Dorchester and Derrick Joseph, 17, of Mattapan and charged them with Trespassing, Disturbing the Peace and Resisting Arrest.

Officers were on patrol in the area of Astoria and Elizabeth Streets when they observed a group of six to eight individuals gathered. Officers continued to patrol the area and as they circled the block heard three to four loud bangs that sounded like gunshots.

A brief moment later, officers observed a group of five to seven males running on Astoria Street across Elizabeth Street and as the group was running, officers observed a male fire two to three times in the direction of 17 Elizabeth Street.  Officers, at this time, turned around and pursued the group along with the suspect who was firing the shots.

One officer pursued the suspects into the yard of a house at 29 Astoria St. and as the officers chased the suspects she ordered them to stop and clearly observed the suspects as they continued to run and jump over the fence with suspect FOSTER briefly getting stuck on the fence. Several other officers joined in the pursuit of the suspects, and at one point observed suspect JOSEPH remove his shirt and throw it into the yard at 463 Norfolk Street. This suspect was ordered to stop, but failed to do so until he was apprehended by officers.

Officers continued to broadcast the description of the fleeing suspects and their direction of flight. The two other suspects were eventually caught by other officers and positively identified.

Officers continued to investigate the incident and were able to find a loaded firearm along with several other pieces of evidence relevant to the shots fired. This incident remains under investigation to determine if there is any direct connection to the located firearm, the shots fired and the arrested suspects beside the charges pending against them.