Armed Suspect Arrested after Fleeing into a House

Last night, Monday, May 25, 2010 around 11:02PM, officers from District E-18 (Hyde Park) responded to the area of Belnel Rd. and Osceola St. based on a ShotSpotter activation.

On arrival, officers spoke to several witnesses who reported observing a described man walk into the wooded area at the end of Osceola St, and then hear what they believed to be the sound of a single gunshot. Shortly after hearing the sound of that gunshot, the witnesses again saw the same described male walk out of the woods and walk in the direction of Belnel Road.

Officers then set up surveillance and a short while later officers observed the back door to 57 Osceola St. open and a black male emerge from that door. This individual slowly walked toward the end of Osceola Street, the same wooded area that the shots had been fired from, and as he did so repeatedly looked up and down the street before proceeding into the wooded area. After observing this individual and his behavior, officers approached the suspect and as they neared his last location, he was nowhere to be seen. Officers got out of their cruiser to look for this suspect and as they did so, they observed the suspect flee from the side of a house all the while clutching his waist area.  Officers pursued the suspect and followed him to the same door that he had been observed exiting, the rear of 57 Osceola Street.  Officers pursued the suspect up the back stairs but upon getting up the stairs noted that the back door was locked.

Based on observation of the suspect, the call for shots fired and training on the characteristics of an armed gunmen, officers formed the opinion that the suspect was in possession of a handgun. Officers then secured the perimeter of the house and while doing so heard a conversation between and adult male and female speaking in an excited tone of voice inside the house. Officers from outside then heard the same male voice state to the female, “I am going to lie down with you.”  While outside the house, officers continued to see lights come on and off and heard movement inside the house, specifically officers heard movement inside that sounded like the seat of a toilet being lifted and closed.

After setting up a perimeter, officers knocked on the door and a woman and a man answered the door. Officers then informed them of what just transpired and asked them if there was anyone else in the house. The female initially told officers that she was unaware of anyone having come in her apartment through the rear door and also stated that no one else was in the apartment. The female then stated to officers that there were several other people in the house including a two year old child. Based on the statements given to them, officers feared that the armed suspect may be hiding in the apartment unbeknownst to its occupants and consequently ordered all the occupants outside the apartment for their own safety.

Officers then entered the apartment with the signed consent of the tenant of record and therein located the suspect who had fled from them clothed only in boxers around his ankle. The suspect was detained and ballistic dog requested to the scene. In the bathroom of the apartment, officers observed small white pieces of debris on the floor matching the ceiling panels. The ballistic canine in the search of the apartment also alerted to the bathroom and raised his head toward the ceiling. Officers removed a single panel from the bathroom ceiling and discovered a loaded handgun.

The suspect, Erick Pierre-Louis, 25, of Acton was arrested and charged with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm: Second Subsequent Offense, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition: Second Subsequent Offense, and Possession of a Large Capacity Feeding Device