Hotel Guest Checks Out of Hotel into BPD Cell

Around 5:45PM yesterday, officers from District D-4 (South End/Back Bay) responded to 811 Massachusetts Avenue/Hampton Inn for some drugs and money that was found by hotel staff.

On arrival, officers were met by hotel staff and a suspect identified as the male who had been renting the room where the items were found.  Officers spoke to the male suspect who stated that he had checked out of his room and subsequently remembered that he had a left a bag on the table in his room which contained money that he was going to use for a deposit on an apartment since he was planning on moving to Massachusetts permanently. Officers then spoke to hotel staff who reported that the room that the money and drugs were found in had only been rented to the suspect and no one else had access to that room until the money and drugs were found.

The suspect apparently returned to the hotel and described the bag to hotel staff and asked for it to be returned to him. Officers inspected the bag based on what they were told was in the bag and found three packages inside.  In those packages, officers found money totaling over four thousand dollars ($4000.00), two large plastic bags containing powder substance believed to be heroin.

The suspect, Reynaldo Cuevas, 31, of Reading, PA was arrested and charged with Trafficking Class, 200 Grams or More.