OUI Suspect Arrested after Barely Avoiding Head-On Accident

Early this morning around 2:29AM, officers from District C-11 (Dorchester) were on patrol in the area of 2016 Dorchester Ave. when they were approached by a victim who reported that he had just barely avoided getting hit head on by a described car that was being operated on the wrong side of Dorchester Avenue. The victim reported that his car had however sustained some damage to his car.

Officers responded to the location of the alleged suspect and there encountered the operator of the car that had hit the victim’s car. The operator who had a strong odor of alcohol on her on her person told officers with slurred speech that she the victim had hit her car. During further observation of the suspect, officers observed her eyes to be red and glassy. The suspect at this exclaimed to officers in a loud voice that she indeed was not drunk but had only consumed two drinks earlier in the evening.

Sobriety tests were administered to the suspect after her insistence that she was not too intoxicated. Instructions, verbal and demonstrations, were given to the suspect as to how to perform the tests. The suspect was unable to perform the first of the tests given to her, ‘the Nine Step walk and Turn’ as she consistently failed to maintain her balance failing to walk in a straight line. After failing the first test given to her, the suspect became extremely uncooperative and refused to perform any further tests repeatedly screaming that she had only consumed two drinks and that she was not drunk.

The suspect, Eileen J. Condon, 23 of Milton was arrested and charged with Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol and civilly cited for Failure to Stay within Marked Lanes.